There's no Randomness in a world governed by Energy. ▬ ♣ Luck is no exception ▬

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  1. Lucky Shadow Posture

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    Ever experienced something in the earlier days that contributed to the disbelief in the concept of coincidence?

    Many people think that luck is something that is purely random, unpredictable and difficult to control. That is because they do not know what luck really is. When you are able to know the true definition of luck, you can learn the whole science behind this phenomena and gain control over it.


    Like everything else, luck is an energy. It is something that is quantifiable not in physical but in nonphysical ways. You can quantify it physically only in terms of its physical manifestations in your life. Luck is dependent on time, place and consciousness.

    At times when you are feeling low of energy, that is also when your luck potential is at a low point. You are more likely to make careless mistakes, become more accident prone and flop up in some way. When you are feeling high of energy, that is also when your luck potential is in a high state. You are sharper, clearer and more in the zone. You seem to be able to do amazing things in ways that baffle others to the point that makes you seem very skillful or.. lucky.
    Actually luck and skill are one. The more in energetic resonance you are with your environment, the more your skill will work and the luckier you'll seem. You can always observe that when the best are in action, they always seem to have both their skill and the situation working for them. You can never separate luck from skill because after all, they are both sides of a same Coin - having the opportunity BUT not being prepared is bad luck - being prepared AND having the opportunity is a whole different story.

    Before we attribute Luck to random chance occurrence, let's invest some of that energy so we can receive the dividends. Being lazy and careless go against luck potential.
    Ever noticed that seemingly lucky people never make a fool out of themselves?

    Discard already what they call Dumb Luck and begin cultivating your life force. Hold closely the belief that Energy in motion will change your life for good.
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  2. Lucky Shadow Posture

    Lucky Shadow Posture Fapstronaut

    I really don't know how to do that
  3. Lucky Shadow Posture

    Lucky Shadow Posture Fapstronaut

    Just as nothingness don't produce anything, your investments must and cannot be in vain. Something cannot produce nothing. I'm not saying that everything you do WILL cause a reaction. That utilitarian perspective only take one so far.
    For illustration purposes let's say there's this hypothetical lazy college student who believes if he goes to the library for the next 15days, everyday, he will ace the exam. At the final day, when he's about to summarize all his studies, he gets a headache from exerting himself for 14days straight which results in a rough night of sleep. A bad mark plus seeing all his work go down the drain frustrates him in a whole other level.
    Objective: × Failed ×
    You get my point right?
    The equation has many more dimensions to it. We like to think that disciplined people accomplish stuff mainly because of their superficial efforts. That's not wrong, it's just missing a great set of variables otherwise invisible to the untrained eye.

    Discipline involves constructing a routine based on healthy habits. At the day of the exam this disciplined person has a lot of intelligence related "buffs" backing their performance, not only their memory.
    What I'm saying is: refined effort + proper skill + well-thought routine = long-lasting results.
    We have much less control over the outcomes we desire than we admit. What we can do is increase our chances by taking care of our body and mind. People who have a lot of energy, do a lot of work -- and thus have a higher chance of getting lucky.
    So I ask you, Sow well-intended action and your efforts will sublimate eventually.
    Full randomness is a convincing illusion just as the idea of having complete control over our ability to manifest success[​IMG]
  4. Everything is energy and it all moves within the boundaries of mathematical precision. I think human beings have so much potential, not just with building and creating things but with understanding this energy and how it works within ourselves to live in harmony with reality. That is to have luck, so to speak, harmony is just another word for this luck you are talking about. We all have to go through trials but going against "what is" and wanting reality to be something other than what is, creates this conflict in our lives. Harmony is the absence of illusion, seeing reality as it is.
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  5. !mkj!

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    I believe nothing is by chance or luck, but by divine providence (God ordering his creation's history). This doesn't mean free will doesn't enter into the equation. We make choices and things happen as a result of those choices. God simply knows how to make use of our choices to control history. A paradox. A mystery.
  6. Lucky Shadow Posture

    Lucky Shadow Posture Fapstronaut

    Is there any point in solving that mystery?

    I can sense a bit of "one must follow the middle way" in those words.
    Feel free to ignore this if you don't know what the heck that means.

    Anyways, what kind of conflict are you talking about?
    How does the joy of a challenging life resonate with how you describe harmony?
  7. Yes, the middle way if you want to call it that. A state of mind that can see reality for exactly what it is without being attached to the pleasant or averting the unpleasant. A mind that can see the temporary and ever changing nature of reality and come in alignment with that which is eternal.
    Fear, anxiety, guilt, sorrow, greed, all these human emotions that we have learned to live with but never questioned if we can be free from it. These manifest themselves in the external conflicts that we can see happening in the world today, wars, nationalism, poverty, alcohol and drug dependance etc. The inside creates the outside.
    Not sure I fully understand the question. Maybe life doesn't have to be a challenge at all, I don't know. A challenge implies wanting or desire which I believe goes against harmony. A tree doesn't grow with all its beautiful flowers and fruits because it wanted a challenge or to impress anyone, it just grows because it is in harmony with its surroundings. Or maybe it depends on the motive behind the challenge, when it comes to human beings, our motives are so self centred. We want to impress, fulfil, overcome and so maybe there is way to impose a challenge in our lives that has no motive. A challenge that moves with our ever lasting curiosity but remaining unattached to its outcome, success or failure.

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