These past few days have been the absolute worst

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    So, I’m on vacation these past couple of weeks. Just resting from work staying at home, and I’ve had the worst anxiety recently! I’m nearing day 80 of reboot but almost relapses a couple of times and just recently had a couple of close calls.

    I know relapses/slip ups can happen deep into reboot phase, but it’s discouraging, but I’ve been staying strong and I haven’t given up! It’s so hard for me to relax sometimes even on vacation it’s kind of hard what do you guys do to relax? For me I just try to invest into my hobbies.

    I have so much free time now it’s really weird. After nearly freeing myself from these chains I feel like I can do so much more now! I’ve been reading, drawing, and getting back into old hobbies like writing now too! It’s a good feeling bro, but still struggling some days.
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    Please don’t relapse. You are so fucking close to freedom, don’t relapse like I did. Block porn. Everything starts in your head. Block these fantasies from the beginning before you dig in to deep. Do something different when you notice that another urge is incoming but please don’t relapse
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