They want you to....

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Asgardian36, Nov 7, 2019.

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    They want you to get addicted to drugs. They want you to be a hamster on a wheel. They want you to be a NEET. They want you to live in the fantasy world, this reality is too good for you.

    They want you to be poor, to spend money on things that don't matter, they will create the illusion of free money with credit cards, they will trick you into spending more on the premise of "saving more", they will offer your more credit to get your further into debt.

    They want you to eat that delicious yummy looking food which is ***king filth that doesn't make you feel satisfied. Yes, the food is cheap, let me stuff my face with it and ***k up my liver, heart and brain.

    They want you to have more pills in addition to the ones which you are already one. They want to make health care expensive and out of reach to the poor. If you aren't there yet, you soon will.

    They want you to waste countless hours watching useless crap on TV which is "entertaining." Once you switch it off, welcome to your sad little life, motherf**ker. YOu just spent the whole day doing nothing productive. Few more days like these and you will fancy the idea of doing nothing chilling all day on the couch, yes can get back all the time by skipping the advertisement and getting yourself a premium membership.

    They want you to jack off to the latest porn, see what your favorite porn star is upto. Stroke your dick while she is making love to another man. Soon you will find yourself in the position of a cuckold. After she is done with others, its your turn. But hey, you have PIED, so she will have to do with a dildo.

    They want you to loose your precious energy and feel weak, feel powerless all the fucking time. Turn a bling eye to all the injustice that is happening around you. Stay weak and let others take advantage of you. Your feelings don't matter. You don't deserve to be strong, you don't deserve to go out there and get what you want.
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  2. Hold it in

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    Good post man. For me "They" are Demons. Oh sure it may be actual people but those people have the Image of God, and that is where the Demons want to corrupt
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  3. Infrasapiens

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    I am going to play along with this.

    "What? But, who are "they"?!"
  4. Subzero-32

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    Damn, too many Truth bombs
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  5. Asgardian36

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    Yes, they are always in disguise.
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  6. Asgardian36

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    dude...are you saying that we all people have control over our lives? when we are Strong, yes. But when we are weak? Aren't things stacked against us? Is it easy everyone of us to live our best lives?
    They are people that calls the shots, they are the people who increase costs of living, who let pills be out in the market before they are properly tested, they are people who will crush you down when you are trying to better your life.

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