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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by mada989, Nov 12, 2014.

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    (22 years old) Today marks exactly 2 weeks since I did M or O, and 34 days without P. My life has continuously gotten better over this time. I've been single for the last two years or more, and I finally met a girl a week ago or so. She's everything I've looked for in a girl, and it's just perfect timing. It's also probably been 3 or so weeks since I even THOUGHT about P or M. I've definitely done a good job quickly rewiring my brain. Thanks to self discipline, or maybe because I hadn't fallen too far down the rabbit hole in the first place. But yes, I feel way more in-tune with myself, and like I have more confidence when talking to people. Awesome things are happening, like -- meeting amazing new people, finishing projects way faster, having more confidence in everything I do, having more discipline in finishing something.

    ALSO, I saw on a video or something to try at the beginning of this challenge to try to get an erection just by touching yourself, no P and avoid any thoughts of P. And most people, including myself, could not get hard by themselves; they needed a picture or a video or they would stay flaccid. Then, they say to try it again during your challenge, and wow! (Like I said, it's been 34 days since I last looked at any P.) I was able to get a rock hard erection immediately after touching myself. Of course I stopped myself right then and there so I wouldn't need to reset my counter (that's serious self discipline, I hope it encourages you) But I seriously felt healed. I felt like I'd finally returned to a normal functioning sexual human being. No more erection problems! So now I have confidence that when I am with a female, I can perform flawlessly.

    I think the biggest message that I want to share though, is that you WILL stop thinking about it. Your cravings WILL go away. Keep a tight leash on yourself until your brain has been rewired, then you won't need to be as hard on yourself because you've re-trained your mind, and those PMO thoughts won't even pop up anymore. It's like training a dog. It's difficult as hell at first, but once you start making progress it gets easier and easier, it's just having the discipline to continue with the journey without giving up. You wouldn't want to take a dog back to the pound would you? So, don't do the same to yourself either. Don't cheat yourself! Stick to the plan and like I said.. I promise IT GETS SO MUCH EASIER!

    Much love everyone, I hope to hear some feedback on this post!
    Stay strong, stay committed, focus on a bright future!!
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    Dont completely let your guard down. Better to assume the urges are still there waiting for a slip up. People have relapsed after months of no pmo. So try not to be too confident yet. it is great that you feeling better. .... but stay alert
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    Definitely good insight, thank you. But like I said, I don't think I was as dependent or addicted to PMO as a lot of others are. It's easier to detox if you have less toxins in you. So it's been an easier recovery than I know most people will experience. But that's why I'm glad you commented what you did, so people reading this can know that for a majority of people, there are going to be urges and relapses months after starting this.
    But for anyone like me who was never extremely addicted, this can be a quick and easier recovery with solid self discipline. Stay motivated :)
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    you are an inspiration dude
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    Well written ! ........thanks for sharing

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