Things I Find Off-putting in Female Dating Profiles

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by 1978, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. 1978

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    These are just the things I personally find off-putting. You might disagree of course.

    Too much makeup - I don't know why some women feel the need to cake so much makeup on. Once it gets past the point that it looks natural it has a negative impact on their appearance.

    Fake eyebrows - what is it with women who pluck their eyebrows and then have fake ones drawn on? Why do they do that? It looks stupid!

    Silly facial expressions - especially sticking their tongue out. A nice friendly smile will do just fine thanks. If you stick your tongue out at me it just make me go "yuck!" Or if you're pulling a really wide forced grin with wide eyes. It doesn't make you look fun. It make you look mental. And definitely no Halloween photo with you with scary face paint on. It makes me scared that you might bite my cock off.

    Holding wine bottles - you might think it makes you look like you're a fun girl who likes to party. To me it makes me wonder if you're an alcoholic.

    Really crowded social photos - this is only a mild one really, but if I see a photo of you in a big group hug with 20 of your friends, it makes me wonder if I'm going to have to deal with all of them when I go out with you.

    So, what do I actually like to see in profile photos?
    • Genuine smile
    • Outdoors
    • Sunshine
    • Genuine laughter
    • Doing something interesting
    • With a few good friends
    • Doing something physically active (mmm, hot and sweaty!)
    • Tight clothes
  2. Roffelaar

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    Lol, now I want to see a woman making the same kind of list about men.

    Guess holding a cute little puppy in our arms with a smile is all we need as men to attract women
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  3. Marik757

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    Too much make up I would agree with. An full body shot doing some kind of activity would great too.
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  4. nef

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    Tight clothes ? What ?
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  5. I have a solution: get off internet dating sites
  6. SpoonDog

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    Good topic. My main irritations are:
    • Photos that are so heavily filtered you would struggle to recognise them in real life - especially when combined with nonsense like the ‘dog’ filter.
    • A bunch of near identical close up selfies often taken from flattering angles (you will get found out when you actually meet someone), usually in conjunction with the above.
    • Loads of cleavage on display - often because they have little else going for their profiles and not especially helpful for a Fapstronaut!
    • Photos that are years out of date - again you will get caught out.
    I’m sure the men are just as bad and have their own irritating quirks.
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  7. Redstone95

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    Not gonna lie, too many girls think watching a certain series on Netflix is a personality trait
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  8. here's a fun drinking game, take a shot every time a girl mentions she watches the office on her profile, you'll be in the ER within minutes
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  9. Redstone95

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    And thats in the first 5 minutes of playing the game haha
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  10. also these dating sites are all superficial... nothing is better than the human element. plus a girl could be super attractive but if she has an awful personality it's an immediate turn off. for most people at least. that's a lot quicker to figure out in person vs over an app

    personally i think it's better to talk to people in person and see what they're like. and call me crazy but there's a certain satisfaction with talking to a girl in person, gauging her interest, maybe getting a little flirty, hanging out in person, and then building up to a potential date. sure it's a little more time consuming and it might not even work out, but you're building social skills. and if she does say yes, just knowing that you worked up to that and made that happen as opposed to just swiping on a person's profile feels so much more rewarding

    it's ironic how people have a phone in front of them looking for people to date/befriend, but if they were to put their phone down, they would find what they're looking for
  11. SpoonDog

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    Online dating is a means to do just that. The difficulty is you have to sift through the dross first to find anyone worth dating. In an ideal world we'd be all be able to meet someone though friends of friends or work for example, but it's not always possible.
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  12. 1978

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    Yeah, that would be kind of like giving up looking at job sites because I keep seeing a bunch of awful job adverts. Luckily, the good ones in between keep me coming back.
  13. 1978

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    Yeah, what is it with the dog filter?!
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  14. 1978

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    Exactly! This is why I prefer to meet up in person sooner rather than later. It's all about meeting in person. I don't want an online penpal.
  15. I also find off putting tattoo photos and the same fucking selfie like 7 times but in different scenarios, this also applies to guys, too many selfies means loneliness.
  16. Cilicio

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    [QUOTE = "1978, post: 1987000, miembro: 231287"] Estas son solo las cosas que personalmente encuentro desagradables. Usted puede estar en desacuerdo, por supuesto.

    Demasiado maquillaje : no sé por qué algunas mujeres sienten la necesidad de poner mucho maquillaje. Una vez que supera el punto en que se ve natural, tiene un impacto negativo en su apariencia.

    Cejas falsas : ¿qué sucede con las mujeres que se arrancan las cejas y luego las dibujan en falso? ¿Por qué hacen eso? ¡Parece estúpido!

    Expresiones faciales tontas - especialmente sacando la lengua. Una bonita sonrisa amistosa lo hará bien, gracias. Si me sacas la lengua, simplemente me haces ir "¡qué asco!" O si estás haciendo una gran sonrisa forzada con los ojos muy abiertos. No te hace ver divertido. Te hace parecer mental. Y, definitivamente, no hay una foto de Halloween con usted con la cara pintada de miedo. Me da miedo que puedas morder mi polla.

    Sosteniendo botellas de vino , podrías pensar que te hace parecer que eres una chica divertida a la que le gusta ir de fiesta. A mí me hace preguntarme si eres un alcohólico.

    Fotos sociales muy llenas : esta es solo una suave, pero si veo una foto tuya en un gran abrazo grupal con 20 de tus amigos, me pregunto si tendré que lidiar con todos ellos cuando Yo salgo contigo

    Entonces, ¿qué es lo que realmente me gusta ver en las fotos de perfil?
    • Sonrisa genuina
    • Al aire libre
    • Sol
    • Risa genuina
    • Haciendo algo interesante
    • Con unos buenos amigos
    • Haciendo algo físicamente activo (mmm, caliente y sudoroso!)
    • Ropa ajustada
    Lo que me fascina de una mujer es percibir su esencia y entre mas natural sea más me atrae, que sus kilos de más los luzca, eso es hermoso, para mi seria una bendición encontrar una mujer así
  17. Knight81

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    I'm probably just saying this from bad experience on dating apps/sites, but my advice is to stay off of them. All you'll find is the bottom of the barrel women that you'll really have to lower your standards to even want a second date with any of em.
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  18. OnTheEdge

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    Where they can't be bothered to write anything in their profile and just assume their one photo will suffice. Or the other extreme where they list dozens of criteria for the person they want to meet.
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