Things I learned after abstaining from PMO

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    Hi everyone...

    I started my nofap journey almost a year ago, when i first discovered it online...

    At first, I could not understand its significance, but eventually, I decided to try it because I saw it as a challenge and something new to try...

    So, at first, I could not hold longer than a week, but after a while, after few relapses, I could go for 2 months straight, and my maximum was over 6 months...

    I still do ...

    And there were number of benefits I received which I would like to share with you guys ...

    1) I felt that I could do anything ...
    Because i was not feeling guilty or such from within. I knew I was true to myself and that is what actually helped me to believe that I can do anything. Nothing is impossible. It's just a matter of getting out of my comfort zone, making mistakes, and learning from the feedbacks, and I could, like anyone, achieve anything... well, it will take a lot of time and effort, but it is possible.

    2) I could talk with anyone ...
    Before, I could not make conversation because I was always in my head. I was thinking, "What if they don't like what I say?" ... "Oh, I look so stupid with that line," ... and things like that, but once I developed inner calm and peace from abstaining from not ejaculating, I soon realized that I could talk with anyone without feeling inferior or guilty, because I knew I was not cheating with anyone. My conversations were authentic and I was not trying to swindle anyone... I also improved my conversation skills because I was able to talk to so many different people leading interesting lives and also realize that they were human beings with flaws. So, no more putting them on a pedestal and that was easy once I saw them at my level.

    3) Finally, I became a more risk taker

    Not in a bad sense, but I started to do that I had been say I would do. I started my online business. I went on a 14 day trek in the mountains and it was freezing cold. I climbed 5,416m high mountain pass, travel outside of my own country, and visit France two times. Previously, during my fap days, I would never even dare to think about it... it was impossible for me. Now, because I am in a better shape and earning better, I can afford to go outside of my own country and meet interesting people ...

    Well, all these benefits would not be happening for me if I did not came across your website and I would like to thank everyone for being a support for me and others.

    Thanks, Abi
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    Amazing job my friend!

    I have to say I have been "clean" for some time and I just feel every day a tiny bit is added to strenght of my body and mind. And I feel more confident as ever before - just ordering a food is a fun. Talking to bartender is very easy, funny and everything goes with such lightness. Walking the street with head held high, making eye contact with everyone, girls are responding.

    Great journey what we have been doing!

    Once more, you did a great job! You gave us another motivation!!!

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  3. abiwrites

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    Hi Cud, thanks for taking time to reply to my thread. I think you do care about your life and others, and I wish you all the best for your journey too. Yes, once in a while, we tend to get tempted and fall into our old habits (happened to me several times because that's how our mind is - wants to go back to the old ways as it is comfortable), but we have to TRUST the new set of habits we are creating ... and when I mean TRUST, you have to absolutely believe that it - nofap challenge - is going to work, because it is also psychological I realize. "Believe enough and you shall reap," sort of thing. Otherwise, you will give up, just like a lot of others did. But YOU must not. I just tell myself, "Do you want to be an average? Or do you want to be someone rare?" And that helps break my old (bad) habits such as porn ...

    Yes, talking to the bartenders, or waiters, or any other girls feel so easy. I know. :)

    And another thing: you really do not care what they think about you, which makes you appear even more attractive and confident. This way, conversation lead to a whole different level, allowing you to speak your mind with them just the way you wanted it, not coming across as a guy full of scripts and pickup lines.

    Do you know that during my fap days, I never got laid with a single girl. I spent my money and time with h**kers. But, after quitting it and also starting meditation (you must also include this - 15-30 minutes a day, every day), I was taking better care of my mind as well as going out and talking with girls without feeling shame ... and they could sense it. I got laid 9 times within 9 months after abstaining from PMO! Remember, I approach tons of girls every week (pick up sort of thing) and try to hook up with them, but that's another story.

    So you see, it works! It definitely does. My intention to quit PMO was to get a girlfriend and become more outgoing and social. Now i have both of them. If I (socially repressed, shy, and that I was) can do it, anyone can do it. But NoFap challenge also affects other aspects of your life in a positive way and bring more joy and happiness into your life. For example, you learn to try new things because you have so much of energy in you, just like a 6-year old guy! Always smiling, always going out, and always exploring ...

    Tip: Just do nofap until you get laid? How about it? That's what Style - pickup artist - used to do to motivate himself to go out and get laid.

    Anyways, if you have any questions or issues, let me know ... maybe I can help you too ... but I am glad you are on your own journey ... Please keep on going ... All the best :)
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    Well, my friends, I have been fighting with FAP since the beginning 2013 when I realize my life heading to the abyss. I was in RS that time - I tried to defeat my habit but with no success. After my RS went to hell and my gf broke up with me - i was a mess. Struggling as hell, fapping as bitch it was really disaster. Then I tried to stop (mayn times) and finally in October 2015 when situation was very bad (suicidal thoughts) I finally stopped - and things turned out differently. Until day 50 it was pure hell - flatline, mood swings, no benefits, deppresions, insomnia - you know those. What I want to say i know this is not over, but last 2 weeks I have been feeling awesome. Probably never did in my life like that. I feel such drift inside of me. I am no longer needy, creepy guy who waits for perfect timing, thinking things through... no, I feel wonderful.

    I like that very much. Thats how I have been living now. Giving all things the best shot and simply believe and have faith that I can do it. And by IT I dont mean only NOFAP journey, I mean all the things - another marathon, Iron man, 2 new bussineses that I just started, what else? :) I see there are no limits out there, they are only within us!

    This is exact!!! I love it so much! That is so me these days. You know, I was always very sceptical to what I read about these benefits. I believe that everyone is unique. In my case it is not so fast, it is not so much progress, but in my case it is more like little steps towards the better version of myself. I think my friends have been realizing some of these benefits, they must be, I have been radiating so much energy - i can just feel it.

    They dont know about my journey. I see they are kind of struggling as I did a year before. My best friend is the exact version of me in 2015. Tired all the time, watching tuns of TV shows (i do none these days I simply have no time :) ), sleeping till 10am... sometimes I just want to tell him, but i guess this journey starts within youself.

    Oh, and one last thing. I realize that I dont give a shit what others say to my opinion. I have my opinion, period :), and walk away :) - thats is so powerfull!

    My journey has just started and I am looking forward to future! Because it is bright for all of us!!!
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