Things I learned to AVOID relapse.

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    That inspired me. Got an incredible urge but it died while reading this. Wish I had control like that. The urge was so strong that I had to keep a nappy down there
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    Just had an MO relapse, no P, just felt really tired after a long week, and it wasn't anything intense, I just started remembering something I did with a girl last year and that was just enough, and the funny thing is before the RELAPSE I had a moment where I was like "you know what you are doing right now, and you know how far you've come, and you know what this means, counter reset etc etc" to myself, and for some reason I was like yeah whatever, I'm still not watching P, I've done 2 long streaks 68 days and 73 days, I'm in control etc etc, I might as well I've earned it, and even though it doesn't really feel like a relapse, and it isn't anything fatal, it is a relapse. Make sure you don't let yourself go like I just did, in difficult moments like these, my brain just started throwing all these reasons as to why "I might as well, I've earned it now I'm in control" but no this is bullshit don't make this same mistake.
    Having said that, I do still feel very in control I don't feel like this was a "loss of control sort of relapse" this was me having to make a choice, being able to just not MO and to MO and I just decided to MO, I know I can go on another long streak, but I don't think streaks should be my only goals now maybe I should hit a 90 day one but I think it's just time I find a long-term partner.

    I know I wrote the long article with ways to avoid relapse, and I know I'm meant to be a bit more of a role model now, as it's hard to listen to someone's advice who relapses themselves, but this is reality. And I think it's only fair I'm honest. Even though this was a controlled relapse, I'm not sure of the exact term, but it wasn't a relapse because of my P addiction it was a relapse because of my own decision, my own choice, to just let go for a bit, if you get what I mean.

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    A betrayal from a close friend got to me, and I lost it my shit..I had two good runs and a total of 143 days of no P, I'm still proud and I will come back stronger than ever, no doubt.

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    Shit happens. Start with day one again.
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    Thanks man, I feel so embarrassed right now, but at least I've learned something from this, and I know not to let myself be in a vulnerable position like I was.
    Looks like you are still doing really well, keep it up! :)
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    This is so GREAT - brilliant and succinct summary of some many great tools and tip. THANK YOU!
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    dude i made my rules but that ask to yourself daily was awesome now i will ask daily did i break any rule so it will be making aware ourself this one a great one brother thanx alot
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    No worries, I'm really happy it's helped, this is what we are here for, to help each other defeat the evil!
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    You're welcome, I'm really happy to hear it is helping you guys, keep going, we are in this together!!

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