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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by DJM, Feb 27, 2017.

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    Used to practice daily religious devotions and was consciously watching myself when it came to porn and masturbation.

    When I stopped chasing religious perfection, I've still continued to say a few Morning daily prayers and be my best, but what I've noticed is now that i stopped going to confession and chasing religious perfection, I've decreased masturbation and porn activity. Occasionally I'll catch myself in the act but I haven't ejaculated in weeks. Could be over a month now. Once I stopped trying to track my progress and turn it over, things have progressively improved.
    I'm writing because lately I've been stressed and lonely.
    I would really like to just let one go and relieve my stress.
    I know it would be great.
    However, I know I'll crash and burn. I do need sexual relief.
    I haven't been in a position to date and don't have a lot of money to spend on a date so I've been in limbo. It's so hard to focus on a goal some days. Trying to my best with this life.

    What other things have you guys noticed about abstaining from destructive behaviors?

    Have you stopped trying to be perfect? Do you still count days? How do you go about relieving your sexual urges and frustrations?
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    One of my way to beat the sexual urges is to ride bicycle around city. Firstly, it's an exercise, it consumes energy, so you're training and cooldown the urge at the same time.
    Secondly, while riding around, I can sightseeing my town too. I go to alot new place, find out new roads that I've never been before, taking time enjoying life as it is.
    Thirdly, you can see chicks. At least you can look at their face, their boobs etc... enjoying the real thing instead of pixels will help you connect with reality better. If somehow your sexual urge goes bad, go ahead and talk with girls. Just the idea alone will cooldown a lot people. And nothing more effect than a mere reject. You can even practice the little talk technique with girls, or with some luck, a REAL girlfriend !!!

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