Things to do with NoFap that really helped me.

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by goFor700, Jul 18, 2021.

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    Hi guys. I have been doing SR/NoFap for over 200 days or so I noticed some significant positive changes in my life. I want to say that a large contributor to this has been doing what is known as a "dopamine detox" along with the NoFap. I actually cut out (For the most part) video games, social media, TV, movies. Basically I don't allow much of any digital entertainment or stimulation at all. There are a lot of good youtube videos about this. NoFap + Dopamine Detox is a great way to achieve your goals faster in all areas of life and I highly recommend looking into it. Anyone else doing something similar?
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    I did the same the only thing that keeps me away from being fully dopamine detox is using the phone on work/surfing here a bit.
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    If you also had nofap streaks where you did not act on dopamine detox, how much faster would you say detoxing has gotten you benefits from nofap compared to when you weren't actively trying to dopamine detox while on a nofap streak?
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  4. If you are on nofap at least you should try to go witout games movies and social media for a while
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  5. I'm doing Dopamine Detox. It gives me more free time and less depressive thoughts (for example, when I was playing games or being on social media, I frequently had depressive/negative thoughts, I think the reason was that I didn't sincerely enjoy consuming them, there was always a voice persuading me to leave high-stimulating & short-term activities in order to live a fulfilled life)

    But, there's a problem, I spend most of my free time surfing this website, I know that I should be productive instead.

    Yeah but this isn't a problem also, at least it keeps me from relapsing, and I can improve my English in specific way.
  6. I'm eating healthy, exercising and quitting alcohol along with nofap.

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