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    We all know that many if any or going to have someone come in and slap there hands away from the computer or phone and march them out the door, when they are looking at porn. No matter how much some of us wish that might be the case. We need to have plans and actions when we are triggered. Some of us have always given in when are brains want something.If you want something you are not going to die though, you just haven't given much to your discipline to say no.

    Discipline is much like a muscle, and you have to use it to get it stronger. Just like when you start working out though, you can't immediately bench press 400 pounds. You can't will your discipline to get stronger you have to use it. It is as simple as saying no, if you really crave a food and you tell yourself no and don't give in. You have basically worked out. Most of our discipline comes from gray matter in your brain. And most addicts, don't have a lot of gray matter in the brain. But since the brain is plastic, you can work on developing your gray matter but working on your discipline. Something to remember: Motivation when only get you so far, discipline will carry you through.

    When working on your discipline there is some thing you need to know. First it isn't fun or easy. When you are trying to say no, there are going to be times your body is hounding on you for it's dopamine fix or to basically look at porn. Before I forget, this also works with food and other addictions, at least it is the same concept. Some people say they can't stopped looking because they don't want to actually face the pain of saying no. Well that is the only way to get better my friend. Also, if you don't look at porn it will not kill you, no matter what your brain is trying to get you to believe.

    Last thing, you want be he-man with discipline straight off the bat, so you need to have a plan when you know it is too much at the moment. When you feeling like you are going crazy or telling your self I don't know if I can do it, leave the computer. At work? go on a water break. Do something, but the main thing is to get away from whatever electronic that is "calling you" at that moment. It is nearly impossible to pull away once porn is pulled up. Don't fool yourself by saying I will only look for five minutes to take the edge off.

    I hope this helps some people if anyone has comments or questions, just drop it in this thread.

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