Things you know to be true but the world isn't ready for

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    I am Joe Rogan hahaha

  2. Sentience is a net negative for all species who experience it. We'd have been better off if we never existed. Then we'd never feel pain, we wouldn't exist to miss out on pleasure (in fact we miss out on more pleasure- and are painfully aware of this- by existing), and we wouldn't die.

    None of this is an excuse to be a pussy if you have been born though.
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    Porns addictive. Fappings bad for your health. And all this combines to cause numerous physical and psychological problems.
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    Life is a trip and it is totally worth the experience, but...
    There is no purpose other than the experience itself.
    There is no lasting satisfaction to be had.
    There is no supreme being apart from this.
    This is eternity right here. Now is all there ever is.
  5. Deep
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    The human soul yearns for the good moment to last for eternity. This continual yearning makes it impossible for humankind to completely be with him/herself.

    Agreed, you cannot change anything before accepting it. Contextually, being a pussy means standing in your house while it's burning down.

    Nature is pretty brutal. I think it's more just humanity that is a mistake, again as much as letting your house burn down with you. But it's how we try to contend with nature that makes us suffer the most.

    I think you can live a pretty good life if you embrace life as nature has intended. Adversity you volunteer for is significantly less shit than adversity you don't volunteer for, it's a matter of comfort making us weak and suffer.
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  7. There's the 1% of 'elite' population that controls the other 99%
  8. Our drive to PMO is !00% unnatural and caused by demonic spirits.
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    Gods and story seem to be a fully abstracted form of social and rough and tumble play systems which in turn are used to play out complex ideological as well as emotional concepts in an entirely metaphysical space to carve out an effective cultural behavioral way of being going forward in civilization. That is my running theory on myth and biblical text from my study into play systems from Jean Piaget as well as Jaak Panksepp.
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