Think I found my two triggers.

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by msa2388, Feb 8, 2015.

  1. msa2388

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    The first one is definitely boredom. If I'm around my house for too long (I live alone) than I get bored and just use PMO as a way to fill my time. I found that as long as I'm out of my house I'm okay, so now I've been spending two out of three days between work and volunteering, and I literally only come home to pack stuff for work (or volunteering) and to come home to sleep before days I work (I work a 24 hour shift one out of three days). So I pretty much make it almost three whole days, as long as I don't stay at home for too long. And that's where my second trigger hits: my only source of entertainment at my house is an xbox and a computer hooked up to my TV. I have online classes to do, and I like to play a couple video games but when I sit down in front of the same screen I use for PMO it all hits me like a ton of bricks (without me even realizing it). I kind of go into zombie mode and just start clicking and opening stuff, and I've been unable to just get up and walk away. But I think now that I realize how simple it is to "set me off" I can start working on ways to avoid clicking and typing things that will make me reset.

    I'm past the point of having to have it, like I do nicotine. I don't think about it constantly, or make excuses. Its just I seem to wander aimlessly into it. Coming back here for the first time in months I think will help, and I'm going to try some cold showers like I just read about.

    Stay strong everyone.

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    Boredom is probably my biggest trigger too, but the addiction manifests in many different ways. Some times really bad feelings arise and I get into the " I will forever be alone" tought pattern. This makes me relapse even tough I afterwards see that it was my addiction speaking.
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    Man the hardest thing for me is just getting rid of the fantasizing. It's all stuck in my head.
  4. @lasshrugged

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    I haven't looked at porn for several years, but the images are still trapped in my head. I hear ya, tough to get rid of the flashbacks and fantasizing.
  5. Warrior01

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    You are doing something really good identifying your triggers. I quoted cuz i feel related to them. Both boredom and entertaiment.

    Both can be solved. If feeling bored, look for something to do, someone to talk to, and if there's nothing to do, then look for something entertaining by yourself...

    While XBox may be fun, just as looking tv, doesn't make you any better. Same happens with P, is really entertaining (no one can argue that), but it does more harm than any good.

    Look for other sources of entertaiment.

    Before NoFap, i never read. Now i'm reading my third book so far (the third completely by my own without pressures from anyone like school or college).

    Working out helps lots of people at NoFap cuz it fights Boredom and is Entertaining, while makes you better.

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