Think I'm nearly cured, ask me anything.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by nofepfepforlife, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. nofepfepforlife

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    Started rebooting/NoFap around the end of February, had multiple mini relapses early on and several more serious relapses half way through (never O'd once though apart from wet dreams). A bit of background ; Started "masturbating" from an early age, then started having sex from age 17-19. Had my first orgasm from masturbation at age 19 and began my descent into porn addiction from that point on. Started off with masturbating to thoughts of my ex gf, then more sick fantasies then full blown pornography. It became a serious addiction where I couldn't stop thinking about it. I'd be sitting there trying to enjoy a hobby or watch TV and my mind would constantly wonder to porn. Eventually my fetishes got more extreme and I myself became more depraved. I stopped caring after a while and started living like a complete slob shut away in my bed room 24/7. Addicted to weed and video games and eventually had an alcohol problem. I'd fap every day and edge for hours. I finally made the choice to quit porn when I realised how serious my problem was 6 years later and I met a girl online and made the big choice to change my life.

    5-6 months later I'm no longer addicted to weed, rarely ever drink (if I do its lightly) and not socially isolated and shut in. I went from 118kgs in weight to 78kgs at 6'2.

    I could write a lot more but I'll just leave it at that I was in the darkest of holes and truly was addicted. I sincerely believed I'd never get past this and now here I am.
    I know the pain of doubt and fear when you're just starting a reboot, so to all the new people and people still struggling, feel free to ask me questions.
  2. First off, congratulations!

    Second, I'd like to ask what was your most hopeless moment and what were the things you brained told you during those times? Like brain fog to get you to relapse.
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  3. DBug

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    Well done! Meet you on that other side soon (hopefully).

    How did you deal with urges at home?
  4. Pmo is in the past

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    Did you notice others more attracted to you.
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    that's some inspiring stuff. Very well done to you, sir. How did you lose 40(!)kgs?? How long did it take?

    I'm at 110kg right now and trying to shed some pounds. I'm also 6ft2, trying to get down to ideally 90kg.

    I know my way around the gym and eating healthy but anything else you can advise would be great
  6. nofepfepforlife

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    Tough one, because I felt very hopeless for at least 70-80% of the reboot. I felt most helpless when I went into flatline and depression in the first few months and lost my morning erections. I had a lot of paranoia and even ended up thinking I had physically damaged myself or suffered from venous leak. Nope, turns out it was all PIED, even my issues with maintaining an erection whilst standing up are almost completely cured (I did have a tight pelvic floor though and worked on that). I did get brain fog but not as badly as I suffered from paranoia, depression and serious suicidal thoughts. I was making concrete plans to end my life at one stage.

    Thank you.

    Never had urges through out most of my reboot. My relapses were motivated by 'dick fear' and doing 'checks'. Only recently I had a relapse (orgasm'd) because I genuinely lost control. I know I must be cured because I could get hard only 10-15 minutes later and I've been getting erections all day just from thoughts alone or looking at a picture of my (ldr)gf.

    My advice though to people dealing with urges is that you immediately distract yourself and go do something else and if you're still struggling take pause, inhale deeply and remind yourself why you're doing this. 5-10 minutes of pleasure isn't worth a life time of being lonely and missing out on real sexual relationships. And if having a partner or having sex doesn't motivate you, recall the fact that PIED can mess with your mental health in other ways. I was angry, paranoid and depressed for years but months into my reboot my whole perspective on life completely changed.

    Yes I've definitely noticed this. Maybe it's because I've lost lots of weight or because I'm projecting more confidence (making face to face/eye contact is a hell of a lot easier for me now but still difficult because I have an ASD). But I really believe I'm more attractive now than I was before and noticed all my interactions with women are much more positive.

    Thank you. I started seriously focusing on diet change and weight loss around mid to late March. I did nothing special at all honestly. Just using my exercise bike 30-60 minutes a day and reading the labels on the back of food packaging. I avoid anything high in cards and sugar. I know avoiding carbs can be hard but I try my best to limit it as much as possible.
  7. TheFutureMe

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    Congratulations on your successes in this journey! :)

    I find it odd that you didn't have any urges during the earlier stages of the reboot, and I'm wondering if you were already extremely depressed at that stage? If so, it must have been a gigantic effort to keep yourself together while working on getting away from something that was at hand (no pun intended) and assured to provide instant soothing?
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  8. Refuse2GiveUp

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    Great share. Congratulations and continued success!
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  9. G@urav

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    I am a man with low self esteem. Can masturbation be the reason. I used to do it once a day. And usually felt guilty, lazy, dim eyes, back pain, anxiety, less confidence, unwillingness to do things, having negative feelings about the people close to me, dull face, eye circles less stamina. Also I once tried to have sex with my fiancee... But I ejaculated with just rubbing, that too twice, though I had my penis erected again immediately and found no problem while penetrating but did not penetrate since she felt pain. Can u say that nofap will help me with all such issues.!?
  10. Yes. Read some success stories and see real life benefits others have experienced
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  11. a1c3.77z

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    I'm trying to quit porn (and avoid masturbation as much as possible) for good now. I know it will take time and shitloads of effort but I have to do it. In the 30 days without porn I've had only 2 MOs without porn.
    What do you tell yourself when you feel urges and want to really masturbate/watch porn? When you have just relapsed (even just masturbated) how do you pick yourself back up? I am the same as you - when I masturbate it is often to "check" as you said - but sometimes also to relieve the pressure somehow. I've never had a wet dream because of this
  12. targaryen

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    attention from women?
  13. nofepfepforlife

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    No urges for the first quarter or half of my reboot. I suffered a penis injury (im fine now thank god) just before I started rebooting so I was completely put off masturbation and porn. Urges only showed up briefly now and then in the last few months and admittedly, 2 nights ago became very powerful. Indeed I already was extremely depressed, my life style was very accommodating to depression. It has been a huge effort and difficult journey but I' finally free and have made it. After many years of severe depression and suicidal tendencies I'm finally seeing my life change and morph before my very own eyes. I'm doing things I never imagined myself doing. You could ask anyone who knows me and they'd confirm I've changed into a different person in these last 6 months. I don't believe in woo stuff like this but in the first week of my reboot I had a very powerful dream about falling into a dark hole/abyss and I woke with my hands in the air with a great sense of fear. Then I had another dream where I was surrounded by fire, I take the blackness as a feeling in my subconscious that I thought I was lost forever and I take the fire dream as an omen that a great change was coming, and it did.

    I dont know what your personal situation is but I can say with complete sincerity that nofap has changed my life.

    Just read other peoples success stories, think about what you want out of life. My prime motivator this whole time was meeting the girl of my dreams and wanting to be at my best for her and to have a future for myself. One masturbation session isn't worth a life time of fulfilment and happiness. I don't know if you did already, but read my original post, I went from being rock bottom to a full transformation. You can do it too if I can.

    Yes. I don't know if I can thank nofap for that or my massive weight loss. Probably both. Nofap has changed my perspective on life and how I feel and interact with other people and how I view myself. I've definitely noticed a lot of girls checking me out, even in front of their boyfriends lol. Aside from extra female attention, I've noticed people tend to treat me better in general.
  14. Rise and Shine

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    Read all the posts above. Felt good that all my bros have almost similar experience and we continue to motivate each other. congrats to nofep for his success and many thanks to him for creating this thread.

  15. Sorry I don't mean to speak too much, but holy shit that's so similar to what I've gone through. I've been rebooting for 2 years with relapses, and am now on my best streak of 72 days at the moment.

    I've gone from:

    Being unable to even orgasm with a partner to orgasming from a handjob in under 5 minutes.

    However this was 12 days into my previous streak. After loads of mental training, mindset changes and studying into the topic.

    However I still haven't tried vaginal sex, which previously I was able to penetrate for awhile and felt slight pleasure but it died really quick (Really good compared to the time before that where I completely couldn't even get hard enough to put it in). However it's already been over a 100 days since my last attempt and also I'm 72 days into this reboot, which is my best one.

    Now I've experienced extremely high (false) libido during days 20-30 and then from then til now it's really died down and I'm in one of the worst flatlines ever. I feel extremely broken and scared but I've trained my mind to understand PMO isn't an option anymore, hence I'm able to be strong. But reading your story really gives me hope.

    My case is a little weird because I've been watching porn since the age 5-7 but I only started fapping to a certain fetish porn at 17. Never fapped before that, and I've been PMO-ing for only4 years or so. However I have had a miserable time with PIED and I really hope to recover. At some points I feel extremely hopeless and embarassed but I really hope that I can perform on command and become the best I can soon :)

    (Sorry to make this about myself, I just wanted to share my views)
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  16. WarrierMonk

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    @nofepfepforlife I began my nofap journey about two months ago and the biggest streak I have managed to reach is 9 days. I have been struggling with this compulsion for the last 8 years. I am 21 years old and I doubt my own potential to get out of this. I want to though but when the demon is right infront of me I give in into its illusions. After I relapse I realize that 10-20 hours have been passed entrenched in the pursuit, I feel sleepless, tired and exhausted and it takes me 1-2 days to feel normal again. Nobody close to me knows about this. So what I want to ask is that were you in the same position like I am today? And is there any hope that I too can win over this?
  17. vxlccm

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    @Rajat21 there is always hope. (!!!)

    Good job for all the effort you've been putting in. The time loss is a huge thing and fixing that would be a great goal if you're serious about fixing it. None of this is easy, at least not for most of us. But: you can get clean. Stay involved in NoFap and I'm confident you will see tools you can use for improved success.
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  18. IWillWin03

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    Hey man, How did you fix your pelvic floor? I have a weak stream, unable to fully empty my bladder and weak erections from it.. I think this is moreso the problem instead of porn for me but I'm refraining from it anyway... How did you get it from so tight? It feels so locked in rn
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  19. SanityOverVanity

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    Really good question, would love to know too. Suspect it's weight related
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