Thinking about getting rid of all my technology.

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  1. My longest steak was about 4 months, during that time I felt great and alive. When I purchased a computer it all went down hill again, the endless temptations are just to much to handle! If we are to quit this addiction we must first remove the source of the addiction. If someone tries to quit drugs but walks around with them in his pocket, how long do you think he will be able to hold out? The same concept applies to porn, technology is the gateway and if we are to be free we must close that gateway.
  2. Personally, I do not wish to get rid of my laptop, but I know with my addictive personality things will continue to stay the same. Thank you for commenting and sharing your thoughts, it's a shame we cannot live technology-free lives.
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    I did a similar thing too and I believe it is what has really helped me the most on this journey.
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    Regardless of what kind of device if someone is posting and reading on this forum they obviously have internet access, which is the bigger issue. Even if the device is some kind of dumb terminal-- actually even if it is not high speed internet it is ultimately not going to matter. All this obsession over ChatGPT and the like just goes to show people can get hooked without video or anything since that involves text only and that does not require a high speed connection.

    What people dealing with addiction seems to kind of forget or at least don't address directly a lot of times though is there's both reducing the thing you want to eliminate as well as increasing and integrating life enhancing things. A big part of that is just going to be dealing with life at life's pace, you don't have instant access if you actually go out to meet people in person because of travel time, and you wait for your turn to share when communicating rather than a forum that will just record it all for reading whenever, and if you cook for yourself you have to get the ingredients and prepare so it's not just ordering on an app and it shows up as a delivery. Because the high speed aspect of course lends itself to instant gratification regardless of whether it's for sex or something else.
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  5. I prefer my phone instead of my laptop. I realized that I tend to act more sexual when on my laptop. I think it was the bigger screen which held more content than my phone's screen. Though nowadays I have an image blocker on my devices, so i wonder if my laptop would still increase temptation.

    I think some websites can detect my device and even share advertisements based on my device. I can see sexual predators aggressively advertising on my Windows laptop as opposed to my Android phone because phones are probably less prone or less vulnerable to viruses and malware. Porn spread malware and viruses as much as prostitutes spread infections, ironically.

    I also cut down on my internet time.
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  6. Thank you guys for your thoughts, it’s a real pain having to live with technology but we have to find ways around it I suppose.
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  7. I'm having a similar dilemma. Just last night, I was telling a friend about how I think I need a technology detox. I feel like it's not benefitting me. On top of p/m/o, I have the added complication of being somewhat of an internet addict. But the web has changed these last 5 or 10 years and almost exclusively for the worst. Despite this, I can't seem to get myself to leave it all behind.
  8. I have access to this website only on iPhone with screentime settings. My wife has the passcode and this is the only allowed website. I have no other access to any other device or computer. I don’t know if android phones have this setting. I don’t have access to download apps. I also don’t have maps, clock, calendar or notes. I print off directions or write then down beforehand or go into gas stations and ask for directions, use an alarm clock, and have a calendar/handwriting journal combo. I really appreciate not being dependent on one device the way I used to be with this phone. It also makes me more self sufficient. My employer does provide the latest iPhone with access to everything but I keep that phone at work only. I wouldn’t even have access to this website but I think it’s necessary to keep journaling and recording my efforts and progress publicly in this battle.

    Edit: I also have podcasts app which I listen to practically 24/7 so I find that I do need That app. I might get into shortwave radio
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    Your post just inspired me to get rid of the last two apps could have porn in it. I deleted spotify (sometimes the album cover there's porn) and I deleted reddit (I was fooled in watching porn in one of the promoted post but I won't be fooled again).

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