Thinking about having sex on day 7 or 30

Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by Marwan97, May 11, 2019.

What option to have sex at?

  1. Day 7

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  2. Day 30

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  3. More days needed

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  1. Marwan97

    Marwan97 Fapstronaut

    I'm 21 and have ED for about 3-4 years coz of PIED. Only had sex with ED pills (CIAL**) with no problem. Now I'm on day 7 hardmode. I don't wanna fap but really wanna have sex. Is it ok to take (CIAL**) and have sex on day 7-8 or should i wait till day 30?
  2. FahooOo

    FahooOo New Fapstronaut

    Try it without pills
  3. I would say try it without, but I would also say don't try it at all, if you go in to it and can't get hard then it could send you back, make you feel loathing and lack of love for yourself. Give it time, there's no rush to get back to sex, its just sex, it will be there when you are ready for it, but using pills could send you back if in reality you don't need them and its just your porn habits/anxiety causing the ED.
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  4. UnitedWeStand

    UnitedWeStand Fapstronaut

    In my opinion, dont rush to have sex even on cial. Sex drugs make you depended on them physiological and psychological. If you rush early without them and dont work you may start having performance anxiety (i did) and also if you use them you may build dependence. If i was you i would wait until one month and see how i feel as chances to have a flatline near 30 days remark are many. If you dont feel the urge and full of desire to have sex after 30 days just dont and wait for urge to come or flatline to pass. Listen to your body. I suggest after one month and if you feel so have sex and pop one pill to be sure. As time passes reduce the dose (cut the pill in half or sth) and keep reducing until you dont want to get one and feel sure about yourself. One more thing, after each orgasm take a week off as many orgasms sent you to flatline (been there done that).

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