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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by TrueSaiyan, Mar 30, 2019.

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    Hey guys. Recently it is a big concern for me, because even with nofap. I am relapsing allot even so to the previous day. All my time here I have had a decent amount of streaks ranging from 7-10 day's but always on my weekends being alone. I relapse so quick. I don't try to isolate myself but, because I work third shift its just hard to get out during the middle of the night and do anything. Except go to the bar of course or a Porn store. I guess my discipline myself is pretty low right now and I agree to anybody that I could be doing other things. I guess my habit is just letting time slip by and go.

    Unfortunately I'm not seeing any bigger results on here and it sucks, down to the bottom of my heart I want to change and have a relationship, but life is so grim right now. You guys I feel like I am stuck in a stop I can't get out of any time soon...
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    I have quit this site twice and both times i failed even harder, i forget sometimes that i was a mess before coming to this site, i was not taking cold showers, eating good, meditating enough, my longest streak was like 3 days. I recommend staying, having an support group is so important honestly. I recommend reading this post, i think it will help you get your mind right, in the end the reason you relapse is because you are not in a good mindset.

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