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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by mindblower, Jul 21, 2020.

Should I start over? (From day 0)

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  1. mindblower

    mindblower New Fapstronaut

    Hello everyone, my first post here with a couple of doubts.
    I'm 19 years old, have been masturbating for around more than five years, and I think I have built an addiction towards it. Had sometimes where I just quit for no reason, sometimes I was in a relationship so I didn't see the "need" as much as when I'm single, but still did it every once in a while. For the past few months it had become a routine, and it started feeling a little bad an even something that was making me feel horrible, I'd have lunch, go to my room and masturbate every single day, I think I did that for more than two months, until one day I came across a video about Nofap benefits, and I thought it would be good to atleast know.
    That's how I got here, after a couple of videos, I decided to masturbate one more time for the "good" old days, and the next day just quit it, 'cause it's for my best,
    physically, psychologically and probably in a lot more ways I didn't know.
    The video I saw said something about addictions could take more time to actually see benefits, people that didn't have an addiction could see the results really fast, and at the 90 days most of them would be fully recovered at most.
    I stopped masturbating 18 days ago, haven't masturbate, edged, or anything like that, I was really motivated at the beginning and continuated to motivate myself because it's for my best. I'd say a few days ago (around day 14) I started to fantasize and remember times with my ex-girls, just remember how we used to do stuff and have a really satisfying and good time, this always happened as soon as I went to bed, I rolled over to try to fall sleep and there they were, naked memories of the girlfriends I used to have, I never thought it was a big deal, probably the time of "huge urges" was happening and I didn't mind for it, I never relapsed nor was about to.
    Today I came across a video of Nofap, I usually watch videos about this so I continue to remember why I'm doing this, to motivate myself, and on the video was mentioned that "Watching porn, thinking about porn, a little touch on your D, fantasizing, imaginating sexual situations, coming across an Instagram post of a not-too-dressed lady and looking at it for a while" was basically relapsing, just looking at these things or thinking or fantasizing, would just give me as much dopamine, as masturbating, meaning that I probably was losing my whole time, since I was every single day (at nights) remembering stuff like the mentioned above or creating in my head new potential situations. When I heard this, I started to investigate about it, and saw exactly what was told to me, was true, this gives me dopamine just like if I masturbated, supposedly meaning that the 18 days of NF, probably didn't make much sense, and that I should start over.

    That got me here, continued to try to investigate more but didn't quite find the answer I was looking for, let me resume the mentioned above:

    -18 days of NF, almost no porn (just instagram posts, twitter gifs, never porn pages.)Never found porn intentionally on this period.
    -Haven't touched my penis for those 18 days, no edging, no touching without cumming, nothing.

    My questions:

    1. Should I start over (from day 0) with my Nofap journal due to the fact that I've been having sexual thoughts, encountering (with no intention) porn content, fantasizing, remembering sexual situations that gave me pleasure a couple of times in my life?

    2. If you think I should start over, how do I remove this sexual thoughts, memories, (of course I tried to stop thinking about them when this happened because I wasn't going to act on it so I was going to get hard for no reason) or anything that could basically give me this dopamine without me looking for it?

    3. If you think I don't need to start over, what should I continue to do?, just keep not masturbating, out of porn pages as always, and it wouldn't matter to have sexual thoughts or memories, would it be wrong to continue to think about these thoughts or fantasize about these memories?

    Will be really alert for this thread, hopefully I'll get the help that I need, thanks for the ones that read it all, can't wait to get those answers, happy to enter this community!.

    Have a great day!.
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  2. You will have sexual thoughts for the rest of your life. It is part of being human. So no I wouldn't call that relapse. However, I wouldn't watch "sexual stuff" during recovery. It seems like it'll only do harm in the long run.
  3. I wouldn’t say you relapsed but you’re definitely playing with fire by looking at instagram and social media shit that’s a major p-substitute trap. The fantasies are torture and not worth it though it’s damn hard not to think of past times with girls. Great work not touching your bird at all. That’s key.
  4. topjobm8two

    topjobm8two Fapstronaut

    I agree with the above. What you're experiencing is normal recovery. The fantasy is your brain trying to trigger an actual dopamine kick. If you actually look at p subs all the time and edge, that's similar to a dopamine release.

    This is normal part of rebooting. You're doing great, don't give up now you can save yourself huge pain and set yourself a massive advantage in your life. Many your age will not do this and suffer big time. Good Luck.
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  5. mindblower

    mindblower New Fapstronaut

    Thanks for all the answers, I forgot to maybe ask this a little bit more specifically, but, coming back to what I mentioned about "watching or thinking about sexual situations creates dopamine for your brain, maybe not as much as masturbating itself but it does give you some", was it true? Wasn't it? Does that slow my progress? Does it not affect it at all? Thanks in advance y'all.
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  6. While I'm not an expert in the NoFap forums, I do have some understanding of how brain chemistry works. Dopamine is a natural part of brain function. There are negative consequences to dopamine going too low, just as there might be for having it spike.

    I've been at the low end, and, believe it or not, have been experimenting with nipple stimulation just to provide my brain with some dopamine. (I don't recommend you try this unless you know yourself to be strong against crossing the line.) Whether it is from this, or from the special prayers of friends and family during the past several days, I have been feeling less depressed since doing this. If nipples are off limits, I guess I'd need to do a reset as well. But for my personal goals, they are within bounds at this point. Health is part of my ultimate goal, in addition to having a clear conscience.

    I haven't experienced all of the extra "energy" that others claim to have via semen retention. It's been months for me without any loss of such vital essence, but they have been lonely months as they were precipitated by the loss of my life companion. The loneliness and depression, possibly complicated by a B12 deficiency, have caused me to lose weight which I needed to keep (6' 1" / 185 cm. tall & 106 lbs. / 48 kg. weight currently), lose sleep, get headaches, feel anxiety, tired all the time, etc., and when I went searching for answers online, I soon found many of these were symptoms of low dopamine levels. As I see it, therefore, dopamine is not, itself, the enemy. It's dopamine which has been out of balance that seems to be the problem. Everything in moderation.

    Anything you enjoy will give you some dopamine, including eating, exercising, and many other healthful or wholesome activities. Don't worry so much about dopamine--it is natural to have it, and it is a necessary body chemical. Just be sure to live healthfully and morally so as not to unnecessarily drain your nervous energy.
  7. mindblower

    mindblower New Fapstronaut

    Beautiful answer, really appreciate it! Wish you the best.
  8. Not sure if it slows progress. But I does create dopamine for sure
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