THIRTY DAYS!...I can finally create a thread in this forum!

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Cola, Jan 22, 2017.

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    It feels good to say...I went 30 days straight w/o any PMO. In other challenges, I would slip and watch P, which would lead to a relapse, but this time...NOPE!

    All my success--through this 30 day period--goes to God, meditation & yoga. I tried to pray, meditate and practice yoga every morning before starting my day and for some reason that combination truly helped me reach this milestone. If God and yoga is not for you meditate, meditate, MEDITATE. It honestly does wonders. 10 minutes in the morning and you start thinking clearly throughout the entire day. Everytime an urge would creep itself in, I would think about why I'm doing this and how my main goal is to have a meaningful relationship with someone and if I continue PMO that will not happen. So keeping that in the back of my head was helpful in making it through.


    Return of the Mack: I used to be very flirtatious, but after PMO and PMO-induced depression, I would just bury myself in my man cave. All of that has changed and I've become more sociable. I want to get to the place where I'm a social butterfly again.

    Honestly, I think a lot of the superpowers comes with the confidence of knowing that you're able to abstain from these impulses

    Deeper Voice: I've been getting compliments more on the bass of my voice, so thats nice.

    Calm/Social Anxiety: Once again, unsure if this is something that is due to semen retention or just the internal confidence/pride that came with abstaining, but definitely not as socially awkward. I've started to just talk to random people, just to build up on these skilled and remove this social anxiety all together.

    ...and many more.

    MOST IMPORTANT BENEFIT: Self Control. Addiction has a lot to do with self-control and I honestly, never thought I would be able to get to 30 days w/o looking at any P, but I did. What this has taught me is that I can do anything with my life if I truly commit to it and because of that I relapsed.

    I don't recommend this for anyone tbh, because I know it can get people back to the old dirty habit, but I don't feel bad about relapsing because it was a personal decision. I wasn't necessarily horny or had any deep urges that I couldn't control. In actuality, I didn't really have any major urges during the process where I felt I couldn't make it, which once again is due to prayer, meditation & yoga.

    I was curious on why this had become such a huge part of my life.

    While watching, I saw no benefit. It was all kind of disgusting. I felt numb to it. And honestly felt pity for the people having to do this to make a living. I'm also in the camp, where I don't believe that a single relapse sets you back to day one. I still feel all of the other benefits that I spoke of before even after the fact, but I know for sure if I continue, I'll go back to that disgusting creature.

    And another reason why I relapsed--or tricked myself to relapsing, however way you want to view it-- is so that I can start a new journey that combines other lifestyle changes. This new journey/goal will be if not lifelong for the remainder of this year. This consists of NoFap, meditation, prayer, exercise, becoming a pescatarian and a slew of other goals that I've wanted to accomplish etc., but didn't have the willpower to do so.

    Because of NoFap, I've learned the keys to success with not only conquering pornography but also controlling how I handle key areas within my life.

    I will continue journaling in the (25-29 Section if you care to follow the journey), but I think I'm going to keep it at a weekly basis unless something major happens.
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    I'm in day 30 as well, but I'm not planing to relapse ever. What have I got to loose? My peace of mind? I don't even have that so f*ck it!
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    My Journal
    Great! Keep going, it will get even better from now on!

    @John MccRaty There is no piece in mind :) The mind always wants the problems.
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    So that means you can create a thread in this forum only after you day count has 30 days or +?. I was also wondering if I needed to restart my day count meter because I watched porn today only for a minute or so and then felt the urge to masturbate but while trying to reach orgasm I had this thought in my mind.. what the f am I doing? is this what I want to do my entire life rather than being an awesome person?? so what I did was stopped! I mean I have done this for the first time that I have tried to masturbate and then stopped. feel on top of the world today and I think I can achieve anything in life if I could go through that
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    man that point about the deeper voice is really tempting. is it true or you just made that up? and I can never get enough courage to start a conversation with a girl so really looking forward to it when I cross that barrier

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