This Addiction Destroyed my Faith

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  1. Hello new friends,

    I grew up a strong, yet naive Christian. I didn't learn to masturbate until I was 22, but the discovery led to an addiction that has deteriorated my life over the past three years. "Innocent" curiosity led to a dependency on porn. Simultaneously, I noticed that more and more doubts started creeping into my faith until I got to the point where I don't even know if I believe in God anyway.

    I realize that this is a secular community, which I appreciate. Truthfully, most people in the Christian community I knew let me down and did not help in this struggle. I am excited to join a group of people who understand the consequences of porn and masturbation for what they are, regardless of religion.

    If I could regain my faith, then that would be great. If there are Christians out there who do want to support and encourage me, I'm more than welcome to that.

    Either way, I want to regain control of my life and crush this nasty addiction in the Hard Mode 90 Day Challenge. I've been close before on my own, and with this community by my side, I am convinced I can do even better and finally make it!
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    hey, welcome! i am not into religion. but nofap will let you regain your confidence and trust in yourself
  3. Don't be discouraged. We are meant to be challenged with harsh difficulties and learn the lessons they teach to become wiser and stronger. Im sorry your Christian community wasn't much help. I had the same problem some time back. They were very quick to judge and devalue. Regardless of their human flaws God is for you 100% in overcoming this. It will make you a stronger and wiser person.
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    Welcome here! I am Catholic, and in the end what matters most is that here we support each other, no matter what. Please feel free to contact me or any other friend. Stick here!
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  5. Thank you! Looking forward to that confidence boost.
  6. Thank you for that encouraging reply. I know that is a journey well worth taking. Can't wait to see how I grow on the other side of it
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    Spirit teaches wisdom, and this mighty mighty spirit is strong. For me, as I grew up as an atheist, seen, long time believe in nothing, God became greater and greater since I found him or he found me... he let me suffer the consequences of false ways, but he would never give up on me. Its the I who decides to give up or not. Religion is only a colour. So be sure, bro, God is with you. Except while you watch porn, then he turns away cursin & swearin...
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    I think being involved with porn in and of itself it will cause you to not only to question your faith not to mention lose it completely. I read your post and my first thought was so respond back with a note of Christian support but then I look at where Im at and have to wonder even if i can define myself as a Christian. I know God loves us and that he forgives us but damned if I dint feel dirty and unworthy of His unconditional love.

    Im here bro for any support you may need.
  10. Let's both defeat this then. I don't like the feeling anymore than you do. It's good to me to know that I'm not the only one though.
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    Its part of the dogma that goes hand and hand with this I think. Im tired of lying or keeping secrets. Yes yes yes lets beat this! I spent some time in the Navy and learned long ago that the smooth seas experienced when leaving port does not mean they will be that smooth while in transit. There are troubled waters yet to come brother and it will take a strong mindset to weather the storm!
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    Practice the things that God gives you, and you're faith will be restored.

    Welcome here brother.
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    I'm not sure my faith wavered. For me I know that Gods love is even there when we are not in his will! David lead a nation but the sight of a nude woman put him over the edge too but God blessed him despite his failures. Our God not only loves us but forgives us even when we shame ourselves and feel unworthy.
  14. Hey @AlexanderTheGreatest ,

    I'm just a normal ordinary member. No moderator super powers and no special insite. I share my ESH (Experience, Strength and Hope) of what works for me.

    Just another warm welcome and a heart felt hello. This community has helped me so much.

    What worked for me was "working" it. It took hard work for me to complete a hard reboot (No pmo) for 120 days, then move into a Sex Positive mode.

    First, reading the literature published by NoFap itself along with reading journals.

    Then, doing the work. Writing in my journal and replying to introductions and other's journals.

    Finally, but not least, getting involved with the fellowship. I found it on the forums, but also in people's profiles. The forums tend to be longer posts, where the profiles tend to be more "conversational".

    That is what has worked for me. I like to remind myself that this community was here waiting for me with the lights on when I arrived. Now, I have to do my best to be there when someone comes to the community.

    For me NoFap is 1/2 program & 1/2 fellowship.

    Click on these people and post a "hello" on their profiles.

    I've found that the bricks that hold this community together are cemented with the support of the members of the fellowship.

    @Rising Sun !!
    @Ready to be healthy
    @Struggle Bug

    One of the ways I got involved with the fellowship was by reading some really great journals. Reading other's stories with their victories and even defeats is a big part of my program.

    Once you open a journal, click "Watch Thread" in the upper right of the page to get alerts when new posts are made. Here are just a few:

    @Alikersantti -
    @Reverent -
    @Struggle Bug -
    @BigDawg913 -
    @kropo82 -
    @tet2vd -
    @Protagoras -
    @JakeO5 -

    Welcome again,

    --> L
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