This addiction makes you weak if your in a relationship

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    I know a lot of people who are really addicted to porn aren’t in a relationship. I was like that in fact looking back porn was the reason I lost my relationship. porn makes you weak, insecure, lacking confidence and unattractive.

    Now being in a relationship and relapsing I can see how that is negatively effecting my part as a man. It makes me like I said weak ect. Ect. This is unmanly and unattractive to females.

    This addiction is the reason the word “thirsty” is thrown around so much. This addiction makes you so thirsty it’s un real. Just think about it. Is a crack head not thirsty for crack coccain? This motha fcker done smoked $200 worth and he’s even that much thirstier for more.

    It’s the same thing. It’s an addiction. It gots you by the balls and you are a walking zombie of your real potential. You are weak with this addiction. The women are on the pedestal. It holds such a power over your mind you forgot you were man.
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  2. I have found a girl after 1 1/2 years of singleness. It has clouded my view so much it is hard for me to have a relationship that isn't built on getting sexually involved very quickly. Me and this girl have discussed it and we are going to wait till marriage to have any type of sex. Because I stopped PMO (2nd attempt on NoFap, 2nd and soon to be best streak ever.) I was given the desire and the drive to find a girl. Now that I am in a relationship at such an early time on a relapse, the timing has scaled quickly and I am very desirous of a connection. I have to give it time though, to make sure this is all not a result of how sick and twisted I was on the porn I watched but It gives me great reason to abstain from such an awful addiction.
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