This behavior has become unmanageable...

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by andyjay747, Apr 27, 2018.

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    Hello I'm Andrew. I have come seeking help with this behavior that has become unmanageable. I feel I've squandered valuable time engaging in masturbation; time that could be spent more productively. I live with my girlfriend and I feel that engaging in this behavior has affected my ability to perform and my availability to her. But more importantly, (or at least as importantly)it's made me sluggish, its brought on behavior that is obsessive and somewhat out of my control. I believe that in the past I felt some pride about having such high sexual energy and libido at my age (in my 50's) but instead I now feel a sense of shame and disgust. I want to be more productive with my time as well as feel more in control of myself, at least when it comes to masturbation. This behavior makes me feel tremendous guilt and I feel that I'm wasting so much precious time of my life even engaging in it now and then. Indeed, it's at least once a day for me even this stage of my life. I need help. I need to feel good about myself and take control once again of my life. I've engaged in this behavior for too long without knowing the dangers and the downsides of masterbation. I come with an open mind and with a desire to change and maybe later help others as well. Thank you.
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    Hi, I've also joined recently. I don't necessarily come with an answer to the problem....just want to say props for telling your story. I'm sure someone might have had or is having a similar experience to yours, and I hope they can give some advice soon!
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  3. Hey @andyjay747,
    Welcome to the NoFap community!
    If you haven't already, take a look at this information on rebooting. I've found it helpful in knowing what to expect.
    Feel free to message me or anyone else here if you have questions or want to talk.
    Best of luck during your reboot.
    Again, Welcome!
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    Hi andyj747. Welcome! And great introduction post :) We're glad you're here

    The behavior came unmangable for me too. Now things are getting better.

    Best thing I did was visiting forums every day and participating. Give yourself a voice here, even if you don't feel like you have anything to say.

    Some days I was on forum for 6 hours. Then the last few days my mind opened back up and I started doing some NoFap forums each day along with some other things I care about and connecting with people.

    I think it might seem to get worse at times but then it will turn out to have got better :)
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    Yeah it is little bit tough has been 4 days and i am treating it like smoking.I want to quit it for forever...
    Mastrubating is far more harmful than many of others.

    And i am already feeling like a new beginning...a new me
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  6. Welcome! I am Jim. You say you are in your 50's? I suggest you go on over to the 40+ forum. Start a journal there. Look at some of our journals. Get involved in the community there. It's a good place of support and encouragement. Stay in touch and use the support here to help as you make this journey. Are you mainly dealing with M? Or is P the issue? Certainly they are connected. But, I find that the P is insidious! YOu will find that as you begin to heal, you will get stronger, more confident, and the sluggishness will lessen. You are making steps in the right direction. Again, welcome!
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