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  1. Ok, I'll start with the daily post thing. As a teenager I really liked the movie Fight Club. Now I like it a lot less but one quote stays with me till this day: This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time.

    Think back on how many minutes, hours, days and years of your life were flushed into the toilet known as porn and masturbation.

    Think of the opportunities in school and career that you missed because of porn and masturbation. Think of the friendships, romantic relationships, family moments you've missed because of porn and masturbation. Think of all the exciting adventures which never happened because you decided to stay at home and fap.

    Think of all those things you've missed out on and feel the pain and anger and sadness that they cause. This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time.
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    I would say we don't necessarily have to recover one day/minute at a time, in this sense: If you work on multiple areas of your life, you'll get more out of the same amount of time spent than if you just do abstinence from PMO and pretty much ignore all the other stuff.
  3. This is a tough one. I'm not yet quite sure how one should relate to the wasted opportunities in the past. I think at some point we should stop looking back too often. But one thing is certain. We should never forget about it.

    I often notice how there's been almost two years since this thing happened, or how that thing was already four years ago. And then, the natural next question is, what has happened since then? Not much, it often feels. On the other hand, it's not difficult to get into an inspired state of mind, thinking about where I can be in two years from now, say. And it's not just about some narrowly defined results. It's the process where I can be proud of every day's effort, that I'm after.

    But you know what? A wasted past is still much better than a wasted future.

    We've been wasting our future all the time, in the past. But now it's gone, so it can be left behind. The wasted future of the past has become just our wasted past. The future is ahead of us, so the question is, do you want to look back in five years and notice that the future was wasted again?
  4. It's day one! How are you guys?

    Thanks @optimum for starting the game. And just to make sure, of course everyone is allowed, and encouraged, to post as much as they want everyday. I just thought this arrangement would be cool to ensure we're going to get some activity every day, and get everybody involved.
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    It’s day 1 and I am here; doing this challenge. Will read through the posts for today when I am off of work. I am really excited to try this format and get a good streak and reset going.

    Not sure if we want to introduce ourselves just as an ice breaker?
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    Hey everyone. Day 1/50! Hope everyone is had a good day. I tried breaking up my routine today and went to the park after work instead of coming straight home. It was nice to be outside and unwind.

    The first thought post is yea...pretty much why I am here. Way too much time wasted on something that is not necessary or productive. I have done past posts on my thoughts with this and have beat myself up pretty hard on all the time I have spent PMOing and not out experiencing life. It’s a lot of time, wasted opportunities, missed phone calls and nothing to show for it.

    I think it’s important to look to a positive future and not to all of the regrets, guilt and shame that comes from years of PMO. I do equate this to a prison addiction that I have only barely been able to get to the surface to break free a few times.
  7. That sounds really nice. Are you going to make it a new routine?
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    Day 2/50
    Don't forget that it's not only the 5 minutes you spent fapping that were wasted, but also the countless hours you spent surfing the computer or doing other useless crap afterwards, as you didn't have enough motivation to do anything else! Those should be accounted for as well.
    Of course, I wouldn't dwell on it for too long; just realise it was a mistake, learn from it and move on to weave yourself a better future, as the others have said.
  9. I forgot to say how reading @optimum's post actually made laugh, even though it's a very serious thing. I mean, this is so absurd, what else can you do but laugh?

  10. I realized that perhaps I never made it clear that the intention was that everybody's going to be on the same day in this challenge. And that therefore the challenge didn't start earlier. Sorry about that if it caused any confusion.
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  12. Well, I guess we may still have you in. Although the intention was that the participants list was final after we started. Again something that was perhaps not made clear. If you have questions about the rules, you can ask.

    But from now on, we won't accept new members.
  13. Maybe add "CLOSED" to the title, otherwise people will just keep trying to join in.
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    Thank you Brother.
    I will be Faithful to the Last!
    Godspeed to us all​
  15. How are you all? I missed posting on day one but I woke up really early today. I'm looking forward to this high pressure challenge. My highest streak has been 20 something days so I'm looking forward to destroying that because I don't want to be the one who causes the deletion on the challenge lol :D. Anyways have a great day!
  16. Liking this already, busy however so until Monday I won't really be active.
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  17. @Saiyan123 I'm also working with my early mornings. I'd like to find again a rhythm where I'm consistently waking up without alarm between 5am and 6am.
  18. It's the second day!

    I have made a great scientific discovery about who are the most successful people in NoFap. It's exactly those guys who never let go of their first streak after joining.

    Well, of course. How else could it be?

    I don't know if anyone of us knows how many times we have started over and decided that we make it happen this time (including time before the forums). I think there's a much higher chance for success if you can make use of something that feels like a new start. Something that changes your routines and makes you see things differently. Now, speaking about this forum, you're not going to get a better chance for success than what you have with your first ever streak here. It's a great opportunity for something to click in your mind.

    Once you've relapsed first time, let alone multiple times, you have just demonstrated to yourself that you can fool yourself just like before. This means that the new members of this community simply can't afford to lose their first streak. Of course this doesn't mean that those who do reset, should leave. I guess people do that as well quite a lot.

    So, what could you do then, if you've lost the golden chance? I obviously haven't cracked the code but there's something you must make absolutely clear to yourself. You just can't think that failures during the early days of a streak would be somehow less expensive. If you make a reset, you might think what does it matter if another one follows straight away? You might think that ending a three day streak was not that big a deal. You are more disappointed about ending a streak of 78 days.

    The expenses may indeed feel like being less significant. But that is a massive illusion. If making a reset after only a few days didn't matter that much, why would you ever start for real? The price may be that you end up having less than ten days on your counter for weeks and months.

    I've been struggling badly with this illusion. It's the most important reason why I created this challenge.
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    Ah yes, that is clearly quite the problem for me. I haven't had a 7 day streak in quite some time! Time to start for real now.
  20. Yeah, when I make it to 10 days now in this challenge, it will be the first time in 54 days that my counter is showing at least ten. I just checked. This hasn't been unusual to me. It doesn't mean that I would have been bingeing. Just not getting anywhere with the reboot.
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