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  1. The title of the post was "Insulting or abusing another user". Apparently, I was abusive, aggressive and threatening troll. Seriously, do these guys even read the forum or do they just randomly pick posts to be banned? Or more likely, they read only reported posts.
  2. I see. It looks like the Moderator algorithm is
    1. Take a reported post
    2. Read it
    3. If it contains a word that could potentially be used in a rude way, go to step 4, otherwise your job is done
    4. Delete the post and threaten to kick the author using a cookie-cutter response
    I guess it's to be expected when you have two or three mods on a forum with 200,000 members.
    Next time I'll try arse.
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  3. Castielle

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    Yeah, a lot of times it feels to me like they dont even look at context at all. And they are too sensitive to what should be considered "abuse."

    I remember one time getting a strike because I told somebody to "f*** off," after that somebody had went on several long rants about how I'm a worthless, garbage human being.
  4. OP, if you wish your case to be considered for review, please PM with me the details. The forums are not the proper place for this sort of thing.

    Some considerations:

    1. We have a small team, so we do rely heavily on user reports
    2. That being said we also do regular searches for violations of the rules, but of course there may be content that we miss
    3. We do take context into consideration, and we don't take action on everything that is reported. A lot of stuff is reported that doesn't violate the rules, and people may report stuff just because they don't like it, which is not a legitimate reason to make a report.
  5. I believe that banned post of mine falls in the category described by the third point. I've already raised the issue with the mod who did it. Thanks for showing up.
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  6. Clean Willy

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    You also get a situation where someone is banned and then the moderators acquiesce and let them back in. Like, WTF!?
  7. Happens on Twitter & co all the time. Changing your decision when new information requires it is a good thing.
  8. One time I made a joke on my status and the moderator got butthurt and took it down and it was my 1st offense and he banned me for a week. Then didn't have the decency to let me explain the joke and did not tell me when I was going to come back online.

    ***I never make a post about somebody without tagging them, but i cant find the dude in my convo logs, idk why***

    So it also greatly depends on the mod themself. If he/she get offended easily, strong biases, etc. Almost anything can be turned into a violation, especially bc texts online can be misconstruding vs the real message.

    Especially with a rule like "not to be a troll", what the fuck is that? Lol
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  9. I got busted for "trolling" when a guy explicitly expressed support for Nazism and I replied with an image of proud Hitler. He wasn't punished in any way and his post is still there afaik.
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  10. It be like that sometimes
  11. Deadlihood

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    Wow, that’s crazy. I think you should sue. Definitely PM @Alexander and let him know you intend to.
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  12. Hey, greetings to Mr. Tweeby. Tell him, he still has to solve that monkey riddle for all the people, who regularly ask for a solution.
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