This girl at the gym

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Motiv3, Aug 19, 2019.

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    Mmm instagram chicks are committed only to themselves.

    Don’t expect a serious anything.
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  2. Abesnake

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    What you wrote is much to complicated and your overthinking female motives. Most people want what they can't have, so a little aloofness does spur a woman's interest in a man, I agree. However, all a man needs to do to keep a woman's attention is to keep her laughing. That alone is enough to win a woman over. Open body language, like standing tall, shoulders back, and letting her know you are free with your body movements is number 2. Woman love to gently touch men with there hands. Contact is our most important sense. If she pats you on the hand or arm she's interested and is making contact. So, turn about is fair play. If you can GENTLY shake a woman's hand at a greeting she is letting you in. Attention is crucial! Look her straight in the eyes with a smile and let her know that your genuinely interested in this person in front of you, and not just her physical features. You're not asking for marriage and the same grave, but just who is this lovely creature in front of you. Proximity, or how close will she let you stand to her is very important. And most important is eye contact. That's how you show her you are a confident man of purpose. That's it, and of course practice, practice, practice. And so it goes...
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    Being a gym rat I would tell you this... Never try to find a date at the gym.
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    This. This x1000.
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    Tell her you are a federal agent, that never works.
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    You got this bro, go get her.
  7. Motiv3

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    Thank you all for your comments.

    Well, I've seen her like 2 times after this post because she switched time she goes to gym, and those 2 times we talked a lil, the normal, about if we we're using that, 'you done with this one' blabla.

    Still I notice she sometimes is looking at me, how do I train, she nervous around me, or when she talks to me. She also smiles in a flirty way when she talks to me looking into my eyes.

    But I can't seem to find a way to escalate with her, pretty harddd
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    Bro just ask her in a casual way, when shes near you 'so why do you come to the gym at this time we seem to keep bumping into each other' simple as that, then that can lead on to what she does for a living or shes at uni, or unemployed (avoid) haha and then you can reply and also can then lead to where shes from, if shes local, etc, then onto fitness, you just need an opener that will lead onto some natural conversion, imagine your talking to a friend, and forget how hot she is. Stop thinking about her or fantasising because that puts so much pressure on the situation and can lead to anxiety. Stay clear headed, or occupy your mind with other things and when you get a chance ask her. Usually helps when your adrenaline is up so maybe get on the treadmill and get some blood and oxygen in your body first thing when you get in the gym, that will relax you for when you see her. You are the smoothest criminal when your not expecting anything from them.

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