This is becoming a life style. A sexual life is my live. And I'm not happy.

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Selfcontrol1, Feb 11, 2020.

  1. Selfcontrol1

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    Who I'm I fooling? My self.
    Yeah... It's just my self. I don't think I. Fooling you. Even you know why Im here. Even you that never seen me... Ironically know that I'm a sick bastar. A sexual stupid addict that feel sorry for him self. Why you even read my trash?
  2. llortaton

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    My Journal
    Hey! You're not a sick bastard! You're going through troubles in life, my friend! This requires a change in mindset and taking action! You've got to take action, try and meditate! Reflect on your life, with a neutral mindset, instead of seeing it in such a negative tone. Here is the truth. With your mindset right now, your esteem will never improve. You've got to be positive, and push hard! Use visualization, meditation, self talk, music, all to motivate yourself! Go read a book on addiction, do something!

    You're a warrior, buddy! Shoot your addiction in the head!
  3. hubbawulf1234

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    Agree with @llortaton You've no a sick bastard. Don't hate yourself. Hate the porn. Hate where it takes you and what it makes you do. Love yourself. Learn to love yourself more than you hate the porn. Hating and shaming yourself only keeps you in the cycle. Gotta break the cycle

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