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Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by justname, Feb 21, 2021.

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    You don`t need to know a person to care

    I don`t like it too. People are full of bullshiting lol they even saying things like they are on this site just currently, ` once you get good you will not need this site anymore ` , `your post is not contribution to anyting` it is all about me me meeeeeeee majority of people what i am getting

    I know why people are deleting accounts, there is really a lot of bullshiting lol from creators of this site to members and a lot of things which are said are really not fair to say, that is true there is too much bullshiting lol but i wont bring all other things in thread becouse this is supposed to be about only 1 topic

    And 1 more bullshiting by site lol gives us illusion that we are not alone
  3. justname

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    Of course you are not 1 of those people becouse you are not even active in site. I am talking about majority

    Yes! Congratulations on success. But now you don`t need us anymore and now you leaveeeeeeee us. It was all about me me meeeeeeee what do i get and then i leave my community

    Just becouse a person is successful at nofap, doesn`t mean they are going to support others. Actually majority successful people on nofap don`t lol. They just leave becouse they got what is needed and there is nothing for them to get anymore

    In other words, people have the right to be selfish. Yes that is true but i had the right to open this thread too. I pull back the words i said earlier lol that i will just ignore what i don`t like in site the guy earlier was so kind that he almost manipulated me for a seconds to become silent, fuck no i will stay loud lol let`s change something and make this site amazing place, becouse sometimes it doesn`t feel good to be in surroundings like this, it makes impact on people that is why some of them even leaving
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    Hmm and what 's the thing you try to make clear?
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    MLMVSS Fapstronaut

    As I stated in my previous post, I left for other reasons. The OT area was full of trolls who constantly pushed divisive, ignorant, or conspiratorial threads that were hardly moderated then, and when I tried going into other areas, those issues only carried on. That slowly outweighed the positives I got from here, up until the time I managed better, then being here was only an energy drain.

    And that’s their choice. Nobody is forced to be here. But there are a few who do stick around.
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    Nothing? Things are already made clear at the beginning of thread, i pointed out at idiotism A and idiotism B people`s behaviors and now it is up to them to grow or to stay in old behaviors

    Yes there is a lot of negativity in forums, too much serious energy too not even 1% threads are sence of humor, especially posts it`s 00001% sence of humor i can`t even use messenger emojis but i have to use a couple of those stupid emojis from forum, or i need to put effort to put messenger emojis in other ways. I am on this site becouse i felt like it will make my journey easyer and it really did, i am on day 67 PMO free mode and i really don`t know how it works, perhaps arguing with idiots helped aaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha
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    This answer got a lot of likes and i agree too it`s one of top 3 most honest answers in thread


    @Alexander will you do us a favor and remove likes from site so we see people in their true colors? ^^
  8. The irony that my post got likes is particularly subtle lol
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    I wouldn't mind having the "like system" removed. For me I feel that quitting facebook, instagram all these dopamine inducing sites is the way to go, I say quit all addictions cold turkey, and with this being kind of like Facebook it kind of ruins the purpose. I know its not as bad to be addicted to likes and such as PMO but I feel quit it all.
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    Tbh I mostly go on the off-topic and treat this forum as I would any other internet forum. The only reason I don't just abandon the whole site altogether and find another forum to help me pass time is that I like the day counter. Let's face it: you can talk only so much about how you don't want to jerk off anymore.

    I think another reason for why this isn't really much of a community is the fact that most people tend to just vanish from the site alltogether or aren't super active in the first place. Seriously I've been here for - what - two years? And I only recognize a handful of the people talking here. Even those people I mostly have little to no connection with. And that's not because I wouldn't be ready to form any friendships, but because most of the people I used to think I could get to know better have left. And while it would be great if we could all just automatically care for everyone on the site and sing kumbaya together, people usually don't have enough time and energy to care about people they don't know and for all likelihood won't ever get to know on any personal level.

    Idk why you brought up likes. I don't even give any likes and hardly pay attention to them at all, but that doesn't seem to make my experience any more communal.

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