This is the hardest thing I've ever done

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    This is the hardest thing ive ever done im 24 years old straight male ive been addicted to mpo for approximately 11 years. it all started off no big deal one time a month then once a day fast forward to present on average i was masturbating anywhere from 5 to 10 times a day when i was working and 10 to 15 times a day on my days off. I would wake up masturbate before i go to work after work masturbate shower masturbate before bed masturbate and time in between. ive noticed regular porn doesnt do anything for me anymore so i start watching gay ts anything that will do it for me anymore i noticed i stopped having oragasms and masturbation feels more like a job at this point i recieve no pleasure from it. Its taken its tole on me and ive found addicted to it ive tried to stop in the past with no success my longest streak was 5 days and picked it right back up again and im ready for a change im presently at 5 days right now (8-26-21-present) every day i dont do it i feel a piece of me come back together the first day was easy but every day after feels as if im trying to keep my head above water when somebody keeps adding weights every day it becomes more and more of a struggle to keep it from happening im looking forward to the day where i dont have any urges anymore. My goal is 1 year and im trying my hardest to see it through.
    thank you guys for reading and i hope you have an amazing day!
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    5 days is a pretty good mark, keep going man! I found the information on the home page to be very usefull to me and there is also the panic button up there; something that has worked for me is art, try to be creative and start learning to play an istrument or so, on the other hand, avoid being alone or borring situations.
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