This is the mind of a man who has done 20 years of no ejaculation

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    Current streak: 405 days no PMO, semen retention

    The math: I started masturbation at 13 years old and at that age I did most of my fapping the first month on average 8 MO in a day the first 20 days that makes 160 orgasms, then I came back to my senses and started working out and I just stopped. All the others were usually after long streaks with no binging. I had in total 200 orgasms in my entire life and only 3 orgasms because of sex. In some days I’m going to be 33 y.o so that makes 20 years of semen retention if you add all up.

    The mind of a madman

    Since I was 10 y.o I always believed I was more than just a horny man, that I was something bigger and more profound than my body.

    Since that early age I strived to see what was beyond my body and my rational mind. I started to practice meditation and lucid dreaming, specially lucid dreaming I became obsessed with it, and it was not just a night practice it took over of my entire life I was constantly thinking how to lucid dream, in less than two weeks I had my first lucid dream it broke my concept of reality if you become really good at it you can even feel more than in real life, with a lot of clarity in the dream, you can transform yourself in 100 people at the same time, transform an ocean into fire, fight with dragons , go to space, anything you could imagine is possible. If you eat something it can taste like real food.

    Since kid sex for me did not exist, I never thought of it, just until I was 25 years old I decided to talk to girls and practiced non ejaculatory sex to break some rigid ideas in my head, but not out of pleasure, sex was a way for me a tool to transcend sex, to transcend lust using the same poison as the cure of your disease. That is tantra seeing everything as pure.

    If you have seen the movie inception, remember the wife of the main character she was an expert lucid dreamer but she got confused and at some point believed real life was a dream and jumped out of a building and killed herself trying to fly.

    If you practice lucid dreaming long enough something like this happens but in a healthy way because the dream feels the same as real life so they are the same in terms of experience. One day I just made this click maybe 10 years ago and after that I never consciously practiced lucid dreaming anymore because my life became a lucid dream. Even do I always have lucid dreams I was born with the skill.

    Semen retention has been essential to this process because pleasure is one of the greatest veils of the mind and if you really want to go deeper into yourself you can’t be blinded by such a strong and basic impulse.

    Conclusion: master sex guys this will open your mind to infinite perceptions of reality.
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    You write in a different frequency level than rest of the guys and I think that's because you have such great reserve of sexual energy from youth.

    I don't think we former extreme addicts are ever able to reach that level of clarity as you mentioned. As Sivanandha says in his book on brahmacharya once sexual energy is lost its lost forever. However I'm very enthusiastic to reach higher and higher levels of life like what you described and many more, maybe once I do get there.
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    Don't be so hard on yourself the mind is able to do anything. There are stories of masters that reached high levels of understanding even after living a very bad life.

    The 84 mahasidhas by Keith Dowman
    Shows the example of people who reached enlightment despite a bad past and bad life circumstances. Following the path of tantra.

    You can certainly find many examples like this in any spiritual path and even regular people with a bad past were able to get back on their feet.
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    Man, 8 times a day, your dick must of had strawberry burns and you must of expelled dust on those last faps lol!

    Damn 200 orgasms in your entire life! So you were never really addicted to porn? Explains why you never really went through withdrawal I guess.

    Pretty awesome that you managed that throughout your life man.

    Definitely this is the goal, day by day.

    Thanks for the share modern!
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  5. Great post. Ive been busy with the spiritual path for so long (meditation, syudying texts, developing virtue, getting rid of once vices and faults, ...) but sexual purity or rather semen retention is the battle ive faught the longest... i truly believe winning the battle is the key that opens the door to the right path. Thank you for comfirming this indirectly :)
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  6. Brother, can you explain about it further?
    I really need to know about this.
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    Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Stephen Laberge is one of the best books on the subject.
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    One of the best source of Lucid dreaming living \ adventure would be Don Juan de Matus \ Carlos Castanada books. I think the path of lucid dreaming is for the very few \ advance. How many can master normal reality? On top of that, you go into another reality to master new type of perception \ entities?
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