This is tought to Admit (Morphing sexual tastes, can you rewire them?)

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  1. Fellow Fapstronauts,

    One thing I feel I have to talk about is morphed sexual tastes. Particularly towards specific genre of porn.

    WARNING I'm going to be using some explicit language, it might trigger an urge

    Since I remember starting to watch porn (at around 14 years or so), my viewing quickly escalated to anal and dp videos. I could no longer be aroused unless I was watching a video with only one girl and multiple men. I remember getting to a point where I was unable to watch vaginal intercourse, and unable to watch group sex videos if it excluded anal.

    I always thought I was wired this way, but noticed during my bigger streaks this year my interests seemed to shift towards the vagina. Has anyone experienced an exclusive preference for anal? And seen it shift when they went through the reboot?
  2. HellFire

    HellFire Fapstronaut

    Yea happened to me as well. Now I sometimes get small erection when I see woman with large breasts on a street. So I guess yea you can rewire
  3. Yeah, I definitely feel as if I got to a point where my interests started to shift. On one of my streaks, after about 2 months, I had a wet dream relating to normal intercourse.

    This was really encouraging because I thought I could heal. Since I binged, however, I noticed my preference for anal has come back much stronger. It's a very powerful thing to reverse, but I guess it can be done.
  4. plain

    plain Fapstronaut

    This is absolutely the norm here. As the dopamine receptors repopulate, smaller and smaller quantities of dopamine are needed for arousal. So your 'tastes' back then were not really 'yours' - they were just products of your brain's lack of dopamine sensitivity. As you become more sensitive, you will start seeing what your true preferences are (who you really are), isn't that exciting!?
  5. Volition

    Volition Fapstronaut

    Hi Kosh, yes I agree with Plain that this escalation is normal. I had several 'preferences' that I found overtook my urge for the more 'normal' stuff, especially as I PMO'd more and more.

    But thankfully I've also experienced the reversing effect too when I abstain, I start to find regular women (ie. those I see in real life) much more desirable again.

    Also, the concept of supernormal stimulus is one I found helpful me to feel less ashamed about it all.

    Keep at reducing (or abstaining if you can) and you will likely find this too.
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  6. Thanks for the replies, this is definitely a relief as I once thought it was the only way I could even have sex.
  7. is this it

    is this it Fapstronaut

    Same goes for real life partners who may no be meeting the escalated P criteria. This is again where PED can be a big deal; no problem getting excited for some S&M but your wife in bed is a no go. I fine that as I abstain she starts catching my eye again the way she used to.

    Hard to imagine what we put our loved ones through... Just one more reason to keep on track.
  8. Amen brother.
  9. I had a very big transformation in taste, one I am still still trying to overcome. I identify as a straight man but found myself watching gay porn and then this kept escalating to bestiality. I am keeping the thoughts from my mind but it will be a long journey back
  10. is this it

    is this it Fapstronaut

    Don't be too hard on yourself naturalman. I think if we all posted the escalation that disturbed us most it would be scary but probably also good to get off our chests. Remember it has nothing to do with sex or love or even out orientation but a drug addiction. A sickness.
  11. Right, there's always going to be someone who watched less hardcore stuff than you, and there will always be someone who watched way worse stuff than you. Comparing is pointless; the reboot kind of works differently for each person it seems.
  12. Scott1971

    Scott1971 Fapstronaut

    I remember being a teenager trying so desperately to catch a glimpse of a boob or an ass through the scrambled porn channel, occasionally it would clear up for like 3 seconds and I'd see the whole act and that was astonishing to me.

    As i got older, and the internet, I'd fap to static photos of naked women. Tame by most of our standards now, Playboy-style shots and such, but then I'd find photos of couples doing what they do, suddenly the solo women weren't enough anymore. Then of course I found VIDEO. They moved and I could HEAR them! Who needs lousy old static photos when you can watch in color and sound?

    But then, I got curious, simple porn wasn't doing it. It needed a "hook" of some kind, a theme. Older men with younger woman / Interracial / MILF's / Cheating / Cuckolding / Amateur / 3somes and on and on it went.

    Then to my shock I found myself getting aroused by GAY porn! What the hell? I'm not even gay! There's no way in hell I'd do in real life what I watched these guys doing, but damn if it didn't get me off fantasizing about it.

    And it just kept spiraling into other things which are probably best kept for another post. But you know what I mean. I understand now how this reaction works, your brain gets bored with the same thing and craves variety, no matter what that variety entails or how much it crosses even your own personal line of good taste.

    I'm trying to get back to a state, pre-scrambled cable, to where the only thing that arouses me in this way is my wife.
  13. Tommyknocker

    Tommyknocker Fapstronaut

    Hey man. I understand completely. Married guy here as well and my tastes have strayed way over into the bi and gay areas of the pornosphere. Trying to get things back to a manageable level.
  14. THeRagE

    THeRagE Fapstronaut

    Same here mine even went a little farther to incest, and rape. Your not alone and im on that same journey.
  15. Heneman

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    They're right. Your brain just needs more and more extreme and shocking things because it becomes inured to the porn you've been looking. Before you know it, you're watching some of the worst gonzo porn imaginable. The first time I watched a Max Hardcore video I was fascinated during, and felt like I was going to throw up afterwards. But I kept watching them, and they are some of the lighter things i've PMO'd to. Don't feel bad. The urge for that kind of material should recede as you get further along the process, closer to free.

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