This is why men stay single in 2019

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by goodnice 2.0, Mar 9, 2019.

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    The problem with people is whenever u mention the middle east , saudi arabia is the first thing that pops up in their minds . Their are around 20 middle eastern muslim countries , and non care about saudi arabias rules . Saudi arabia is a shame to the middle east .

    Im not saying they r doing good . Still its thirld world countries , but , saudi arabia’s rules and inequality is way way higher that other middle eastern countries
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    I don't necessarily disagree with the essence of what you express -- the tone, perhaps, but not the essence. In fact, I've felt similarly for many years -- though I know that old-fashioned commitment and mutual support is not gone entirely.

    The thing is, though, that there are at least two perspectives on all of this. And rather than bitter blame-laying (which the other side also frequently does), I've thought it best to take responsibility, to self-improve and see where things go. In so doing, we might just find the right partner.
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    I factored in other Middle Eastern countries when I wrote that comment, it is still brutal to be a woman in Iran, Iraq, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Jordan, Syria, Turkey etc no offence to anyone who may be from there on this site but if you had a daughter those are some of the last countries you’d want her to grow up in and the difference in inequality from SA to those countries isn’t substantial.
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    It's crazy that sometimes they stone them to death and sometimes they are not even guilty. They bury the woman in the sand and the first throwing the stone is usually the father. I know that this doesn't happen often but it still happens and in countries such as Iran or Irak.

    On the other hand, we in Europe and USA, have pornography and promiscuity which damages the soul. So much sexual energy is wasted...

    My conclusion is that we should have nothing against women because they have been oppressed for centuries.
    And I tell you that as someone who has been wounded by them.
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    This is true and not true. When I finally put myself back into the dating world, I set some pretty high standards for a partner. Here were mine:

    -She has to be educated at least to my level.
    -She doesn't have kids (I don't have any yet).
    -She hasn't been married.
    -She didn't come from a broken household, or at least her father was still well within the picture.
    -She's Christian (this one is kind of hypocritical, because I wasn't really at the time! But it showed me she had morals and standards she lived by).
    -She was interested in some of the things I was interested in.

    I recommend E-harmony. I know the whole "dude that's so gay" crap with meeting a girl through site like that, but here's the thing: she HAD to pay to be on there, which means she takes meeting someone and settling down seriously.

    I met a girl who I'm now engaged to. She's hard working, was practically a virgin when we met, and her aim was to get married. Sex didn't happen right away, because I set down the rule that we'd date for quite a while before getting intimate. We didn't move in together until we were almost engaged. We both work hard every day to take care of one another; relationships are tough, but they are made far easier if you are patient, and don't dump your standards for a pretty face. If guys started setting their standards higher, guess what?! Girls would have to start living up to them.

    This might come off as sexist, a little. I don't blame women for the direction things have gone. I blame men. WE are the ones that built civilization. That was us! We conquered and erected governments, created almost all of the most priceless works of art, wrote almost every great piece of music, and most of the great literature in history. We, men, even strapped ourselves to rockets that hurtled us through space, just to walk on another celestial body. Those rockets were also mostly designed by men, using just a pencil and a lot of math. But we are constantly told that we are monsters by our politicians, and that we are oppressors...sexists, racists, homophobes. Fuck them!

    Unfortunately men today aren't taught to be proud of their masculinity; its attacked and undermined. Masculinity has nothing to do with chest-beating, fighting, or being a dick. It has everything to do with effectively leading. Women want good leaders in their lives, and there are hardly any left. If you are ambitious, hard working, and set high standards for yourself (your appearance and attitude) and potential partners, then a good supportive woman will follow. I'm not saying to be dominated by you, I'm saying to support you. And just to be clear, its not a "woman's place" to follow behind a man; what I'm saying is that we have the most difficult responsibility of all in society: to set the example. We've failed, but we can also turn things around both personally and as a collective.
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    Our generation is going through a great change in the exchange of conjugal rights. The whole context of relationships are changing.
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    Great story. Happy to hear that you have been able to successfully navigate the online dating world and find relationship bliss. :)
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    Agree with every word you said
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    Thank you for your wisdom. Echo
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    It's so fucked up I'm also tired of the way that most women act to the point that it's been impossible to me not to generalize. Year after year failing on the dating world taking all the cringes, meanness and rejaction I'm exhausted of women I wish that I could wipe out my desire to be with them altogether and be all by myself away from the emotional turmoil. You guys can tell as much as you want how much women were and are oppressed in our society, and yet I don't see a reason for them to act like this. It's still not okay to be irresponsible, lie your way, rude, backstab, entitled and opportunist i have no doubt that such traits in men are repulsive as well.

    I also have to say that a couple of the things that the ladies said are 100% correct there are tons of men out there running like rats after promicous young chicks these sort of men only value one thing a hot body and nothing else' these pitiful pieces of crap get cheated on, many times being cheaters themselves, and cry their crocodile tears claiming to be victims of heartless females. Gimme a break! The rotten seeds in our society are taking a lot of us downhill.
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    I love this . . . So true . . .
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    liked ur message bruh......
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    The Chad/Tyrone part made me laugh.
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    what would be the asian equivalent is what i’m wondering xD
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    I could have wept for the beauty of this post. ^^^

    Thank you so much for that eloquent reply. You articulated a viewpoint I share so much better than I could have.
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    I was listening to a Jordan Peterson lecture in which he said (paraphrasing) the birth control pill leveled the sexuality/promiscuity playing field, and now society is dealing with the ramifications of that equalization.

    I also remember something I learned in kindergarten: when you point your finger at someone, remember there are three fingers pointing back at you. Where have all the “ladies” gone? Well, where have all the “gentlemen” gone? In my experience, one attracts the other.

    Personally, I think the promiscuity pendulum has swung too far with today’s hookup culture — the expectation of cheap, easy, no-strings-attached sex — and it’s going to start swinging back.
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    I agree with everything you said but I have no problem with a good woman on Instagram as long as shes not posting half naked pics or whatnot.
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    What a brilliant quote and so true... Women generally do not consider porn addiction to be a gentleman trait, so I think we should all lay a bit low on the whole "red pill" nonsense and female bashing in this particular forum.

    With that being said, a clean and proper man that has fixed his life obviously deserve a woman of high value with good morals. If she needs to be a virgin, then he shouldn't be a man whore. Unfortunately, it's often times the worst, seediest men that requires the "purest" woman. Not gonna happen, bros.
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    I agree with you. We may be pointing at the wrong root cause of sexlessness. There is very interesting research out there about why the modern generation is having a whole lot less sex. A lot of young folks are staying at homes these days, marrying late, getting into relationships late, and delaying the family building exercise. These are some of the factors that are reducing the instances of sex. Also, the fact that people are focusing more on their careers is contributing to this decline. Lot's of other social changes around sexuality may be a contributing factor also.
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    You are a poster child for MGTOW.

    I guess the takeaway for me is that if I get sex, I need a rubber.

    And never give money or assets to a female.


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