THIS is WHY you're not finding HAPPINESS

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    The human mind is not made to settle. We're always looking for the easy results, for the quick fix, for the "3 step guide to be a millionaire". The instant satisfaction is right there a lot of times, eating junk food, watching porn, smoking weed, getting drunk. It's all there, however try doing those things on a daily basis and you'll find that the instant satisfaction goes away. Why? Because we're not meant to be comfortable. No one will ever be happy with the instant crap. It of course feels good, for a moment. But for the long run those things don't last. If you're given everything, the money, the sex, the drugs, the friends, you're still going to find unhappiness.

    Biological theory tells us that cavemen used to be challenged all the time: gathering food, hunting, discovering things. And now in this society you really don't worry for gathering your food because you can go to the grocery store, you don't worry about surviving because we live in a "civilized" era where the dangers aren't that big, you don't worry about building shelter because you have a house. Do you think that cavemen really worried about being happy? Hell no. Because they were constantly challenged.

    So if I ask you what's your biggest dream you'll probably tell me something big, and if you don't, start thinking bigger. Now, if I ask you if you have achieved that or are you working hard for that some of you might say yes (which is great) but most would probably say no. And if I ask why not you'll probably say because it's too hard. But HEY, we're made to be challenged. If you go to an office job that's just too easy, you settle for that average girlfriend, and you still live in the place where you were born just because it was easier to stay there than to go to the country you'd like to be living in, YOU'RE NOT GOING TO BE HAPPY.

    So now you may think that happiness comes when you achieve this or that. You make happiness outcome dependent. And sure how are you going to feel the happiness and satisfaction if you don't like your situation? But joy, that's a different thing. Joy is what you get every single day from going through that race to get where you want to be. Joy is waking up in the morning every day knowing that you're working towards that big dream or dreams of yours. It will be painful, it will create frustration, you'll want to quit a million times, but if you endure that pain and love that challenge, you're going to get there. If you do it for that one moment, that moment shall come and you shall be happy and satisfied.

    But HEY, remember there's no finish line. There's not, because even if you get to that situation you love after the hard hustle and you settle there, the exact same thing will happen again. If you're bored with you're every day actions you're not challenging yourself, you're just losing the joy of living.
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    Agree completely with this, happiness is never a goal, but a byproduct.
    It's only when you challenge yourself to reach your dreams and move toward a destination you know you can reach that you can get close to true satisfaction.
    When achieving a grand goal you've set yourself, I find you take a second to look at what you have accomplished and suddenly realise that you are happy, when you're been tied down by nothing but patiently working toward your genuine goal.
    There is always a greater challenge you can set yourself in life, and proactively working towards it instead of mindlessly drifting through is the best way to improve yourself and discover happiness along the way.
    Thanks for the inspiring post dude, good luck achieving your goals!
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