this kid needs some motivation:(

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by ursa, Sep 2, 2014.

  1. ursa

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    Heyo .. I am still a newbie in this NoFap journey and during this short span of time I have made several streaks free from pmo .. First try : 6 days
    Second try : 8 days
    Third try : 7 days
    Fourth try : 4 days

    I still haven't made any big streaks like u people and feel like a loser .. All I need is some supporting comments from you people so that I can read them everyday .. And hopefully hit a longer streak. :)
  2. My Tip: Do not just focus on abstinence, focus mainly on your real life goals. Have a clear vision. Then act accordingly to your vision.
    The PMO addiction comes up because we are not fully committed to our own goals. Because we have inner fears and doubts. But by DOING, we gain momentum and strength, and PMO automatically goes into the background.

    As I found in my own past, he two most important things for success are 1) a clear vision of your goals in your mind and 2) the first step.
  3. monkotto

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    hi ursa,

    my first try - today 50 days (hardmode).

    you can do that also. you have to be really strong. find porn-substitutes.

    running, drawing, modelmaking, writing, photographing, karate...whatever find something.

    never see yourself as a looser! you are ill - you are addicted. like hundreds other guys here in this forum.

    be honest to yourself - do you really want to quit this shitty habit?

    do you really want to quit?

    so dont look back be strong. good luck.
  4. ursa

    ursa Fapstronaut

    Thanks guys.. I think after my college begins I.e next week it will keep me busy throughout the day.
  5. adriatik28

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    Hello ursa. Being here and doing the nofap challenge is not easy, but it's a very good decision. Your future self will thank you for it. :) @monkotto and @freedomflight are very good advisers around here. I cannot add more to their inspiring words.

    Maybe the only thing I can say is: avoid comparing the counters of other to yourself. It will just rob you of the happiness of your own progress. Sometimes we just can't help but do so. We all have different stories here, but remember we all have different ways of getting there. It's good to look at it as inspiration, but not as something that will make us look at ourselves lesser.

    Every day with no PMO is progress, no matter where one is in the journey. God bless you man! Stay inspired!

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