This mindset might as well save you from countless relapses.

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    Keeping things positive is okay. But to an extent! Don't think about being positive all the time - it's impossible. The more you will force that type of mindset - the less happy you actually will be.
    Also, keep negative bullshit away.
    Be realistic! See sun as it is and see the moon as it is. Don't make something unreal out of those things. Learn to be grateful and happy about small things. Also, learn that negative times are actually good.
    What I was talking about right there was seeing things clear.
    Clear your brain from unnecessary bullshit!

    Yesterday I was watching NoFap related youtuber's video about how he relapsed after having 149 day streak. It was an well made, simple, motivating video. I didn't watch it all, but I found something extremely useful there that I thought I just HAVE TO share with you.
    If someone helped me, I feel like I have to keep on helping others with the same piece of information too.

    What was shared in that video was CHECKLIST OF COGNITIVE DISTORTIONS
    I will leave a link to pdf file down below.
    I just wanted to point out one really important form of distortion that I think we all can relate one way or another.
    It goes something like "Overgeneralization" What this distortion does to you? It messes up things like NoFap streaks, diets, it fucks up even relationships etc.
    Let's say you had a relapse and boom, you're down. Everything is fucked up. You're an porn addict again. You watched that shit. You are the same guy you were years ago when you were watching it daily... But are you really that guy? Or are you this successful form of yourself that's battling porn everyday and is actually WAY better than that guy?
    This one is really important to learn. You have to stop putting yourself down so much. Mentality just HAS to change. You can't leave it like it and just expect success. It just does not work like it.

    So next time you relapse - say to yourself "I messed up. But it's part of the process. I will keep on doing my best not to relapse again. Even if I will - I will learn from it and won't talk shit on myself."

    In that list you can find 9 more distortions. Realizing that those distortions have been living in your brain and slowly messing up your fighters mentality might as well change the way you go through nofap drastically! So please, at least take a look at that list. You don't have to read every other letter or word there - just the main idea is what you should get. I really believe it will help you a lot to go further and further on your nofap streak or just meeting your goals.

    It's not just related to nofap, it's also related to quitting other addictions, fixing your relationships, life etc.


    I hope your christmas goes by well, you get closer to meeting your goals, girls, boys - just happiness in life in general.
    Thank you for reading!
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