This NoFap Challenge Is Actually Legit

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  1. Well, let me start for starters. I relapsed(about 10 times today) but I made it to day 30. My addiction is very severe. NoFap isn't bullshit at all. Don't listen to the skeptics. This NoFap challenge could change your life for the better. However, if you don't have an active lifestyle, NoFap is next to impossible to do. Even if you casually browse social media, you're eventually going to relapse, it's inevitable. Here is the real honest brutal truth about NoFap. It's not a magical life-changing wonder pill. It's not going to save you. It will, however, improve your quality of life. The benefits of semen retention and celibacy for men has been well documented throughout history. Men like Steve Jobs, Nikola Tesla, Leonardo Da Vinci, and many more men have used their sexual energy to transmute their creative ideas and share them with the rest of the world. Okay, anyway, let me list the following benefits I got from 30 days of NoFap:

    1. Improvement in Size and Function (Day 15 is the magic number to notice this)
    2. Huge Improvement in Self-Esteem
    3. Higher Sex Drive
    4. De-objectification of Women
    5. Better regulation of mood swings
    6. Improvement in Concentration
    7. Establishing Self-Discipline
    8. Social Anxiety Decrease
    9. Depression Decrease
    10. Anxiety Decrease
    11. Procrastination Decrease
    12. Stutter Decrease
    13. Anger Decrease (Depends on the testosterone levels)
    14. Establishing Self-Respect
    15. Mental Fog Decrease
    16. Higher Levels of Energy
    17. Higher Levels of Motivation
    18. Higher Levels of Excitement (Depends on the person and the withdrawals)
    19. Higher Levels of Confidence
    20. Better Memory
    21. Social Interactions are much smoother than usual
    22. A lot more free time than before
    23. Mental Endurance
    24. Patience (Depends on the person)
    25. More clever with humor than before
    26. Better handling of stress management
    27. Optimism
    28. Decrease in ED
    29. Reduction in Acne
    30. More focused on your life goals
    These are the following benefits I got from my NoFap Journey. Hopefully, NoFap can help you too. Remember, this is your hero's journey. The fight for your life. The relapses and the hard times are sources of strength. So keep plowing ahead and take one day at a time. Stay positive. Thank you for reading.

    "Follow your dreams, believe in yourself and don't give up"-Rachel Corrie
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    10 times? What came out on the tenth time? A flag with the word "BANG" written on it?
  3. SirErnest

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    Well done on 30 days. Hopefully we can hear more at 60/90 days!
  4. 10 times? Lmfao. Lonely or not, I'm glad that you're taking care of yourself. Slay the dragon!
  5. You're doing a great job, man! Keep going!
  6. Slay the dragon! Nice work! You're trying to become a better person. You don't need porn in your life.

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