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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Philomena, Nov 23, 2019.

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    im told that isolating is bad. I get that. Isolating too much was what opened my eyes to an issue... this issue, but being around people is bad as well. Who wants to fight with themselves like this?
    Id like to find someone to be with so when I do all these like relax away from the stressed of the public or private things that its not isolating.
    There are other reasons id want them around, but I just feel so tired. Im trying to woory about myself since that seems to be the problem. Moving didnt help.
    Who has the patience to ‘people’ these days. I feel the only people that would be really considerate of others are people with their own battles and would I really be what they need in their lives. Do I really need to think of myself so much that I allow the burden of myself to fall onto another? A person I would hope to grow with and love?
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    Isolation is a gift.
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    I'm not an expert, but here are 3 things to help you out.
    1) Meditate, it doesn't matter if you're around good or bad people, if you're an extrovert or an introvert, meditation helps all human, it is not a practice of stopping thoughts, but it is a process of letting go of everything that's pulling you down, inspired from Linkin Park's "heavy" song.

    *You don't need to try so hard, stop trying hard, I couldn't meditate earlier, probably because of fapping, but now I can control my thoughts almost completely.
    *Meditation is hard, it is a Practise that if you inculcate in your life will become a part of your life, you'll start having much lesser useless thoughts and in the end almost none, life isn't about dragging the past along, it is experiencing what comes next.
    2) Start Exercising - If you're a human, exercise helps you and that's a fact, unless you're suffering from a specific disease that hinders exercise and limits motion.
    3) Introvert or Extrovert "You need a good social environment" Yes I'm saying that introverts also come alive in social environment, nofap has given me the confidence and respect from others that has helped me become social, even then if I have the wrong people with me who'll always put me down I would dread social environment, you have to find your factor what makes you like socializing, is it the crowd? Is it happy people?
    I would surely like to say that there's different limits upto which people enjoy socialing after that limit you'll get exhausted and would dread social environment, so right exposure is necessary. Hope all the best for you!
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    @Philomena Look, i'm going to be honest here. You are 33 and have already hit the wall. Attracting a male is going to be twice as hard now, so if you want to have children you have to work on yourself real hard. Go excercise and be as healthy as you can, if you haven't learn how to run a household - accounting,cooking,cleaning etc. Start going out on social activities where there is a lileihood to be good men there - sport clubs, farmers market, etc. Work on your empathy by trying to listen and understand the other person infront of you and most importantly make yourself available. Give clear signs to the male when you are at such events - strong eye contact,smiling,ask questions and you can propose to go on a date or suggest it in some way, if you don't want to take the first step. The truth is all those males which are 30, are going to prefer a younger woman, but if you work on the abovementioned things you can do this. Good luck.

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