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    Age 30, PMO for about 10 years, low penis sensitivity from death grip and some unhealthy fetish masturbation techniques, severe performance anxiety and PIED.
    I'm on a relationship for half a year. Our sex life was okay-ish but not great. When we started to have sex everything was good, until one night. I had very stresfull week and I dumped my bad mood with daily PMO sessions. When I met with my girlfriend I couldnt get up at first and then I was losing erection during penetration with condom. I was scared that something is wrong with me, so after I went home I immediately PMOed to check if I am working as intended. Next few months was like a sinusoid. Sometines sex was just okay and sometimes it was total mess. I realised that when I started to feeling performane anxiety during intercourse I tried to fantasize about P and fetish stuff and it was only making everything worse. And ofc after every mishap I PMOed to "check" myself.
    I started to look for possibile causes of my problems. Starting from medical ED reasons, to even wrong condom size. And during one research sessions I stumbled upon this forum.
    Next day I talked to my girlfriend about this and she was very caring and understanding. So I started my NoFap journey!
    And as of today I am only 15 days clean. Did not look at P or sexy content at all, tried not to fantasize about anything sexual or fetish related, etc. I was touching my penis only to pee or clean myself.
    Last night I stayed with my girlfriend at her place and things get sexual at one point. Without much thinking we decided to try to have sex. And guess what!
    It was the best sex of my life! I was able to maintain erection for hours, made her O two times, I was even enjoying her giving me oral (what was impossible before due to low penis sensitivity) and I was able to finish inside her with condom and it was simply amazing!
    And I am only 15 days in NoFap!
    Now I am totally dedicated to NEVER look at P or M, because I know how this shit can destroy our minds and bodies.
    So my journey continues from this small 15day step stright into bright future!
    And guys, if you ever have doubts, I am another living example - this whole NoFap thing actually work miracles!
    Stay strong and good luck! <3
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    I want to have sex with a dick that does not need a blue pill to get hard.

    It sounds like it if it is amazing.
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    I think not touching penis at all was the key in my case. It's probably as much important as quiting PMO.
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    Man I have performance anxiety but I’m not addicted to PMO...
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  6. Awesome. Good to read this. Keep it up!
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