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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by CannibalCorpse, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. CannibalCorpse

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    i have not jackedoff in about a week and im horny as fuckkkk all the time i think this is affecting me more negatively than jerking it, i cant sleep i wake up at 3 am horny as fuk take a piss come back to bed still horny as fukk i wake up honry as fuk,im horny at work,the streets everywhere you name it im horny as fukk, this NoFap shit is retarded i think its the porn thats fuks you up not the actual wank itself,now tell me what good is nofap doing to me
  2. mada989

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    Definitely a withdrawal symptom, I believe it's our brains rewiring and recovering from desensitization that has been caused by watching porn daily.

    You try any distractions? Like exercise or meditation, anything like that?
    Also have you watched or read any of the "your brain on porn" stuff? That'll make you wanna quit fapping for a long time. You'll realize how much psychological damage you've done and you'll realize that it's gonna take quite a bit of time to rewire your brain back to normal again.

    Anyhow...self discipline, my friend. It's a crucial lesson you'll be infinitely grateful to have learned. Stay strong! Looking forward to hearing how your journey continues! Cheers
  3. UniversalSexGod

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    Hahahah!That's normal man. Take it easy. I remember when I was at around Day 10. I was horny as fuck. Getting boners all the time. It has subsided now. I'm sure if i'm flat lining now though, because I still am interested in fucking girls.

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