This should be child abuse!!

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    A three-year-old boy from Lancashire in the UK changed his gender from the age of 3 after being sent to live with foster parents, whose own son had recently transitioned at the age of 7.

    I don’t have any problems with transgenders or anything but it’s insane how people allow kids AT 7 AND EVEN AT 3 to transition. They’re way too young to make permanent lifelong decisions that will harm their bodies, and they’re nowhere near mature either. I remember I still wanted to be a dinosaur when I was 7.
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    When I was seven I wanted to be a Super Saiyan.
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    If you had transitioned into a T-Rex then you wouldn't be able to masturbate with those short arms.
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    I'm 21 and still want to be wolverines or something immortal.

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    Haha, that’s a good way to look at it
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    There was nothing I wanted to be when I was growing up... And that is what I have become:- nothing.
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    Want to hear what's even worse in the UK? In the primary schools (up to age 11) they teach that gender change is normal...

    It's really confusing to the children. They think they are born in the wrong body.
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    Man, there are more stories like this every day. It's heartbreaking.
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    How do these kids even know they want to transition? This is obviously some sort of coaching/indoctrination scheme involving the parents. How do you get placed into such a foster home? This is insanity.

    I look at these people now and all I see are dead people. People who will kill themselves within ten to twenty years when they can no longer cope with the mutilation done to their bodies and the mental abuse they endured.
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    It's fucking disgusting. Brainwashing children, it's evil. Kind of reminds me of a quote "If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed." - Adolf Hitler
    No, I'm not grouping all transgender people with Hitler, just the ones that are fucking up the next generation.
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  11. 26 the end of the month and still day dream about being a Jedi
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    It absolutely should be child abuse. Living life as a transgender person puts tons of medical and health risks on your body. Encouraging a kid to make that choice is absurd and abusive. They will almost definitely grow out of it if you encourage them instead to love the gender they were born as and to love who they are. And they will live a much easier, healthier, less risky life. Suicide rates among trans people are extremely high, and these people are encouraging their kids into that boat. It's crazy. I've heard so many trans people, even ones who are proud of who they are and totally fine with it, admit that life would be so much better and easier if they had just been happy with the gender they were born as. So why on earth would you not do everything in your power to try to help your child be comfortable with who they are, instead of encouraging them into a life that is going to be full of tons of problems?

    It's just facts. Trans people suffer a lot in life, from tons of things that cis people never have to deal with. If your child is going through some phase that will lead them to harm, you stop it. That's your job. If they grow up and as an adult still have dysphoria and think they are trans, then that's something you can deal with then. But allowing them to make that choice when they are still under your care is insane and absolutely child abuse. Especially when they're so young they can't even make any other big decision in life by themselves. My 3 and 7 year old nephews wouldn't even be allowed to decide what the eat for breakfast, because they would eat junk and make themsleves sick. How on earth does it make any sense to let them decide they want to be trans? It's insanity.
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    I wish him to be courageous and patient, God is Fair and the parents will pay for this injustice. Poor child...
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    bruh when i was 9 i was advised to be checked on whether I had mentally ill -____- (i wasn't sure if i was 9 but i'am definitely sure it was in the age gap of 3 or older.)

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