This Sub-forum is missing it’s point, and not helpful to new members, I think

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    Well in that case I will try to talk clearer:
    I am not saying that a non-English speaker find it harder to navigate here, that’s obvious. I am talking about a fluent English speaker that enter nofap forum in order to get advices how to avoid P and avoid M. And find is difficult.

    I will demonstrate why: imagine a curious kid who enters a website about chemistry industry - where all he can find is how wonderful chemistry is, and how useful, how life-saving, and how good the salaries are in the Chemical industry, and stories about day to day event in your chemistry industry job.
    But there is no single place that explain how you do chemistry - what ingredients to mix ? What is the basic chemical rules ? Thermodynamic rules ?
    This kid sees just stories about chemistry industry, but never get to understand how to be a chemist himself.
    And from here and there he might collect some useful data about what is helium, and what is oxygen, and what is carbon, but he never sees an article that explains in length the principles of chemistry so he can finally understand completely what to do.
    Just a lot of motivation talk and stories.
    So he sees let’s say a post says "just finished 400 days in my chemical industry job, I feel great, i feel girls notice me more" etc etc
    This boy will never understand how to be a chemist from a post like that.

    I hope yo get what I mean from that demonstration.
  2. Ahhhh!!! You feel the format of nofap is confusing.

    May I ask ... how old are you ?
  3. evenprincehaveproblems

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    No that’s not exactly what I am saying.. i haven’t talked about "confusion", I talked about the lack of sorted and ordered knowledge. I talked about the fact that good knowledge lies in 3200 posts at "success story" sub forum. part here and part there. There is no confusion like you said.

    There is no confusion Because I know exactly where is the information new people need, I just know that extracting it from all the rest of the useless stuff is a long time job, so long this forum can’t simply say "well do it yourself then you lazy boy", saying to a newcomer to read over 3200 posts is... cruel.

    Want a good example ? - there is no post that lists all the P-blockers, their weaknesses and strengths and where can they be downloaded. I am sure there might be a post in success stories that talks about it, but I will have to find it first among the other 3200 posts.
    So, what I think is good to do, is make a post like this, and have him pinned, and that’s just one example.
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  4. Now you make sense.

    And ironically I agree with you.

    There is nothing like that from the page itself. Different users make their own plans or cheats for how to defeat this.

    It’s not site-wide. Which I like actually ... but it’s because I like the unruly, artsy way of meandering through the site similar to YouTube or Wikipedia to find information and to customize my experience.

    But it’s a interesting idea. Finally your third attempt makes much more sense to me.

    You are arguing for a cheatsheet for people wanting to beat pmo. I got you. Cool idea. Props to you if you have figured how to do that.
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  5. I’m aware it’s not something you can ask from a single person but you could still, with your own time, mine information in the success stories section and then present the moderation team with a thread you’ve created that has a list of all of the good advice so it can be pinned. That’s not impossible for you to do and no ones asking you to get every piece of info, just some of it. Get the ball rolling, be the change! Hell you can even start a thread where you can ask for help from other members to mine the success stories thread. There are so many things you can do even without being a member of the staff.
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    Glad you do

    And remember - liking the YouTube surfing experience is nice when you have a billion-dollar algorithm that finds you what you need or want, when you don’t.. well... you got my point already so no need to go further
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    I won’t lift a finger if I won’t have the website staff member support. Because if I don’t have their support, than my work won’t get pinned - which means it will be swallowed by the massive monster of 3200 posts and won’t help anyone.

    I hoped to get help by posting it here, and Finally getting a staff member to answer me, but alas - all comments so far wasn’t from any staff member.
  8. @evenprincehaveproblems ... There was Staff Member @Anne-Dauphine, you ignored her last post and did not ask her ...
  9. It's ok, thank you, we discussed in the other thread and I wasn't a moderator until a few hours ago :)
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  10. I completely disagree. When I first came here, I found this forum completely invaluable to my fight against PMO. I made great strides in riding my life of porn because of these forums. I, for one, like the fact that there are tons if different stories here, because I don't relate to all of them. If I just went to some website that told me about porn addiction and the "key" to getting rid of it, that would not be helpful for me. Because not everyone's "key" is the same. That's the great thing about forums like this. There is so much variety in this community.

    I feel like all of your negative views are entirely just your own experience, and definitely do not speak for everyone here. You're talking about new people, but you do realize that every single person here, who has been here for years, was new at some point, right? And they stuck around, because they found it useful to them. I don't see how the number of people here could indicate that this isn't a beneficial place for new members. Maybe it wasn't beneficial for you, because it wasn't what you were looking for, but it was exactly what I was looking for.
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  11. Exactly.
    Yep. For me as a backsliding religious person... I would rather relate to someone than get a shopping list on how to or even be told “just quit, now+ all the shame-guilt-Persuasive reasons why.” That’s doesn’t fucking work.

    All the time I went to therapy I got advice and books, prayer and more advice. All I needed was nonjudgmental human connections from people who knew how I felt, and could relate with me and wait with me while I process all this and release it.
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  12. Absolutely! "The opposite of addiction is connection." - Johann Hari
  13. evenprincehaveproblems

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    1. I am glad you like it here.
    2. It doesn’t mean other people will like it the same way.
    3. Yes a lot of people are like you and have stayed in this forum, but who knows how much didn’t ?
    4. And that’s why we need to help them their own way, not just yours.
    5. And my way don’t ruin your way - you want to keep browsing in endless stories go ahead. I just want 1 subforum for my idea, that’s all.
    6. And can you please stop waving my talk away just for the point that you "got your own experience" ?
    I mean - if I am wrong, if people don’t need advices, can you tell me why ? Can you tell me why it hurts you so much to have a post that lists all possible P-blockers, in a nice place, accessible to all, pinned for the coming years ?

    I can see some newcomer arrive "can I have a list of all P-blockers?"
    And you: "no I won’t give you, because I like you to search all this website"
    Him: "but I really need it ! I don’t want to go all 3200 posts!"
    You: "no you actually like it very much, because I like it, hence you like it"
    Him: "....."
    *newcomer left forum*

    Some newcomer arrive: "can I have a list of all P-blockers?"
    *Castielle is not logged in in this forum this month and don’t answer him*
    Newcomer: "...."
    Newcomer thinks: if they can’t tell me something so basic, I shouldn’t be here
    *newcomer left forum*

    I don’t want to mock you here, just explaining my point.
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  14. evenprincehaveproblems

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    Yep that’s nice, tell you what ? Let’s wait 6 months, this posts will sink deep into the sub-forum floor, drowning from million new posts, never to be found (unless some crazy-stubborn guy search all posts).

    And Than, than you tell me how "useful" they are.
  15. I never said it did... I was just sharing my own opinion. I feel like you take every disagreement as some kind of personal attack or something. I never said that everyone is like me and will like the same things as me.

    And actually I have given you valid reasons why, but you just dont like to listen to anyone who doesn't agree with you. Geez louise. I'm sorry I even commented. You asked for people's opinions, but can't handle anyone saying they disagree.
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  16. You are mocking, though. Just as you've mocked several other people who disagreed with you. Your attitude is the problem here, not mine. I simply shared my disagreement of your idea. There's no need to be so rude about it. You don't need to respond so rudely to anyone who doesn't agree with your ideas.
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    I'm with @Castielle on this, when you say
    the opposite is actually true, we learnt loads.

    @evenprincehaveproblems, did you answer this?

    I think you have misunderstood the purpose of the Success Stories forum, do read the What is the Success Stories Section and what belongs here? (READ BEFORE POSTING) thread. But if you do think we need a good informative thread on porn blockers then find one, or write one, and politely ask the mods to pin it to the correct forum. Or …

    Be that crazy guy. I keep a list of all the great threads I find about ogling (here). When someone asks a question about ogling I post a reply pointing them to the list where they'll find loads of useful information.

    One last thing I think you are overlooking: in the New to NoFap forum there's a pinned post (here) with a few key links. One, Basic information about rebooting and how our challenges can help you recover from PMO, takes new users to a page (here) all about starting out. It doesn't contain an up-to-date list of porn blockers, perhaps it should, but it is a mine of useful information.
  18. evenprincehaveproblems

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    1. You learn load if you keep summering up all info us you progressed, but let’s not make a challenge to be clean an university essay, shall we ? Its common to find a 20 pages long story and find maybe 3 useful things there, the rest is just inspiration..

    2. Not relevant...

    3. Have you read it ? Look at guideline point 3.

    4. I just entered your ogling page, and wow, just wow, you did a good job gathering all of that, it’s impressive.
    But that impressive job won’t be useful, you know why ? Because you won’t be here always to share your hard work.
    A good weapon that is not in your hand is good like no weapon at all.

    5. that’s useful of course, the pinned post is doing a great job to explain future symptoms as you progress. And basic navigating in the website, explaining what is monk mod etc.. But more or less that’s all.
  19. Not sure why he gets so bitchy.
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