This Sub-forum is missing it’s point, and not helpful to new members, I think

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  1. Another thing you are missing is basically the entire purpose of this forum: community.

    This website wasn't created to be a center full of information. It was created to be a place where people meet other people who are struggling with the same thing and share their stories together and support each other. There are other websites out there that are just lists of information. That's not what this site is about. If you prefer a list of information and don't care about "inspiration" and community, then this site isn't for you. That's perfectly okay. Not everything is for everybody. If someone comes here and decides it isn't for them, because all they wanted was a list of information, then fine. That doesn't mean the site is bad or needs to change. It means it's not for everybody.
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  2. Mega -like !!!!!
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  3. evenprincehaveproblems

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    Well i see some people here are scared that maybe my idea will ruin\damage this feeling of community this website now holds. I don’t understand so much why, I guess you are afraid people will stop focusing on supporting other people with support massages and will switch to write advices only.

    In other words you are afraid that instead of hugs, new people will get just cold advices.

    I believe this problem can be solved. How I will not specify . I will leave it to the moderators that knows this community better than me. (if and when they will decide to add my suggested feature)

    It’s good i wrote what I wrote and it’s good you wrote your critic on this matter, along with other members of this forum. That way we could all put things on the table.
    I guess we shall let the moderators and the staff of this website to read our both posts where we argued about the subject and decide for themselves what to do next, With the help of @Anne-Dauphine. that I will be really thankful to her if she would point them to the posts like I said so they can see the whole argument.

    If the moderators decides against it - well I did my best. if they will decide to accept - that’s good too.
    And that’s it I guess...

    In any case I won’t stay in this forum for long, I will be back in my own forum in the next days, I didn’t intend to stay here for long anyway.
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  4. Dear list-guy
    1. Please go back to your forum.
    2. Give everyone else advice there.
    3. Don’t try to relate to people.
    4. You will love it.

    You say you don’t like talking to people (nofap style).

    You don’t appear to not take anyone’s advice here...

    so why make a forum with lists to advise others when listening to advice obviously doesn’t work for you ?

    Do you now see the problem?
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  5. im’possible

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    There's a page for intro about porn addiction. The first page.
    Many others are posted/posting by the moderator too, to new members.

    This post could be much more constructive if both the poster and readers understood the point here.

    The poster is simply making a suggestion if the forum can make a new subforum called something like "the mvp posts." Although the tone might not friendly.

    This forum is very democratic I think, lots of variation of tools/functions; Voting, private message, newsletter, day counter to name a few.

    Since your site has a pinned thread function, why not incorporate that with this website and grow together? If your big picture is same with the rest of the folks here, to live a life without a bad habbit.

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