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    Hi. My name is Mateusz and I'm 24. I've been struggling with porn addiction since early teen years. I've been trying to quit for the last three years but never succeeded for more than a few days. That's how strong my addiction is. But now I think I've hit the breaking point and I'm determined to change at all costs.

    My main reasons for quitting:
    - porn makes me sex-obsessed and shallow, and I deserve to be better than this
    - I have a PIED
    - porn is inherently exploitative - I don't want to get pleasure from the exploitation of other people
    - porn ALWAYS makes me feel disgusted and sick for long after I watch it; it's not worth it
    - porn damages my self esteem

    My tools for quitting:
    - I'll write every day on this forum
    - I'll install a porn blocker
    - I'll go to SA (Sexoholics Anonymous) meetings as often as I can
    - and I'll call someone from SA every day at least once

    Main problems with quitting:
    - after I quit, I always become more streesed out and anxious, and it becomes more difficult to hold a conversation for me (I must remind myself that this is temporary, and in the long term, freedom from porn addiction will reduce stress and anxiety)
    - triggers are everywhere. I must make a conscious effort to ignore them
    - some time after quitting I often tell myself that there's no harm in looking at porn for a moment. But there is. After I do this, I'll inevitably end up in hell, as always
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    Welcome to nofap ^^
    It's rather rare to see someone join with such a degree of self-awareness and a definite agenda.
    Most people try to figure it out along the way.

    You'll do great.
    Good luck.
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    Hello man. Focus on goals you can achieve your goal.
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