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    From reading through the various post on this site I constantly see the same pattern emerging time after time. Men seem to reach very specific points within their journey, before which they seemed to be flying towards their ultimate goal and then inexplicably and suddenly they relapse. I myself can relate massively to this. Isn't it uncanny the way when we reach a huge milestone in this quest so many of us stumble ? (talking about people who genuinely quit PMO and not those who just allow their counters to continue regardless of daily jerking off lol). I read a fantastic book on this a few years ago called the "Perfect Matrimony" and it delves deeply into the topic of transmutation of sexual energy (retention of sperm) into spiritual power (Prana). Primarily one of the things I remember so vividly about this book is how it discusses the challenges presented at each milestone in this journey which can coincidentally correlates perfectly with the time periods for the "Pranic" energy to rise through the spinal column and halt at each chakra (the chakras representing the milestones and starting at the "root chakra"). The book goes on to describe these challenges as being the greatest challenges a man can experience in life (according to spiritual teachers virtually impossible to overcome without Yoga and Meditation) and when each one is overcome the man essentially ascends to a higher level of being. These challenges can present them selves as many different forms of temptation such as the temptation to use prostitutes or erotic massages; porn or any other form of sexual simulation or the worst in my opinion, the dreamtime visits (wet dreams). The yogis and ancient spiritual teachers believed that the entities who visit us in our dreams (beautiful women) to be demons called succubus and their work is to rob you of your spiritual liberation ! Whether you take all of this as metaphorical or literally, I still think it is immensely interesting that we are all affected much in the same way and that these obstacles ever so coincidentally seem to present themselves at very specific times within a mans quest for liberation.
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  2. Well said, @anewera. It's very much true that these milestones can be some of our weakest moments, really. It really all comes down to the fact that, once we've reached where we want to be, what's left to strive for? We thrive on having goals, that's why we set them, whether we actually live up to them or not.

    And yes, I do believe that this is very much about overcoming these primal desires that run rampant over us, feeding our addiction to porn and masturbating. We weren't intended to live in a world where high-speed internet was even a thing, so it makes sense that it can so easily cause issues by quite literally overriding, and overloading our human need to reproduce.

    Being someone that's spent a great deal of time studying theology, I have heard quite a bit about the succubi you're referring to. Demons that come in the night to take advantage of your primal desires, and force you into sin. I take all of these things more in a metaphorical sense, but to each their own.
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    Ya Everytime Ive made good progress with long semen retention when I have a wet dream, it is usually some sadistic looking life form that coaxes me to spill my sperm, not a beautiful woman. Most the times it doesn't even involve sex. The author of the book you read is samael aun weor and he is probably the most outwardly spoken and prominent figures in all things transmutation and meditation and he specifically focused on the elimination
    of the ego, where as many others are just focused on using spiritual techniques to develop some kind of psychic powers or abilities. all of his writings were from long before tantra and meditation became a cultural fad in the west.
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  4. So to use you as an example, are we to understand your prana is habitually stuck somewhere in your spinal column and that correllates with pranic time periods that manifest in your life as a recurring milestone that you are unable to pass? Cool

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