Thought about a trick.

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  1. I thought about over riding triggers, in a way so that the meaning of those words in your subconscious mind gets altered. Let me give you an example.
    Search 'cock rooster' on wikipedia and learn about it. Look at rooster picture and tell yourself. This is a cock.
    Search 'BBC news'. Read wikipedia definition about it and tell yourself this is what bbc is.
    Search 'Anus' and look at the digestive system diagram. And tell yourself anus/anal is excretory outlet of the human body.
    I suppose it might significantly help in recovery and it also will help you get rid of unwanted fetishes. Because here you are changing the meaning of your triggers.
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  2. Few more, DP now stands for degree of polymerization.
    BJ stands for blue jay( a type of bird)
    Titties=TT=Table tennis.
    Cuckold=Cuckoo=A bird. Get info on wikipedia. I suggest that you learn all the fucking info thats given on wikipedia about migration, habitat etc.
    BDSM=Born to Dance, Shine, and Motivate.
    Femdom= Free to enjoy my dynasty of Madagascar
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  3. Hold it in

    Hold it in Fapstronaut

    That would not work for me at all. lol

    My mind always defaults to the dirty, there is no way I can type in Anus and think of the digestive system. I'll wanna go look at real ones haha

    But if it works for you kudos man
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