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  1. This is a recent problem I have been having which is probably hurting my streak count or our streaks on here. But it's basically facing the fact that I think about sex every day and even when I'm talking to a lady friend. I'm not sure how to loose this thought process. Since most of the time I am realizing now its not that simple of what comes up in my mind. Even during meditation sexual thoughts will rise up and begin to interrupt my meditation, leading to an erection.

    I try to focus back to my root chakra or another but its difficult. How can we get this thought or urge under control? Do we just let it come and go? Or just leave it there during meditation or threw out the day? For some people on here it seems so easy. I just wish to seek control again...
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    The longest I went without porn or masturbating was 42 days. This was long before I came to nofap. I was having a lot of sexual thoughts during the first two weeks. After week three, I got a little depressed but most of my sexual thoughts went away. When sexual thoughts came to my mind I would stand up and walk around while listening to music. I found that this helps with getting rid of sexual thoughts. Maybe that might help you? From my experience I would say the longer you go without PMO, the less sexual thoughts that come to your mind. Also, taking cold showers helped out a lot to! Everybody has different strategies to avoid watching porn and masturbating though. These are just some of my tips that have helped me greatly
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  3. I'm probably not the best person to preach this but; there isn't a secret sauce. Replacing those urges with something else is easier said than done (sublimation), but it can be achieved with practice. Urges is just energy directed at a desire. With that in mind, its still energy but you just have redirect it elsewhere.
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    This is a key point. It is not about removing thoughts of sex only. They must be replaced. Otherwise the sex thoughts will rush back in to fill the vacuum created. This is what you have to aim for and practicing @TrueSaiyan. Nothing less will do.
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    This was my experience:

    After only a week or 2 my thoughts would rage of sex. It was the ultimate goal for doing NoFap for me, to be able to do it normally again and to have it more. That was my sole occupation. But guess what, I had sex 5 times in the last 2 days with an amazing girl I met, and sex is not the end prize I thought it would be.
    Don't get me wrong, it was amazing, but it is not worth more to me than amazing music, riding my awesome motorbike or having a great workout. Sex is good, sex is fun, sex is connection, but it is pleasure like any other. It is a high rewarding pleasure, but it is being made more than it is.

    Now this realization made me insensitive to almost all urges I feel now. Now I truly recognize that 99% of my urges are just urges to fap out of addiction being told by the monster of PMO in my head, and not healthy sex. Urges and a genuine desire for sex only come when you are with a girl. You feel this sense for connection, this sense of desire for bonding with the woman you are with, and to share your bodies. This process builds true libido and desire. And the sex is very rewarding, but it is not holding you prisoner like PMO does.

    Realize that the urges you feel is the PMO demon talking. It holds no value to give in to that pleasure. PMO will not give that quiet, transparent loving that real sex with an amazing girl can give. But this true and genuine desire of sex is freeing you more than captivating you. So whenever you feel those crazy desires, remember, that means the PMO demon still controls you. Fight him. LEt him know you will not listen to his crazy demands. He will soon die
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  6. Thank's for your comment and congrats on your 144 + days!. I am recognizing this demon and poison that's going its hard for my willpower right now that's tackling it. I am thinking sex wont happen for me for a long time and is maybe why I think about it everyday. I've prayed for it recently which is probably wrong and maybe this demon that still lingers inside of me. Hope I can just take control..
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    Everytime sex crosses my mind I slap my face until I stop thinking about it. It works.

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