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  1. just wondering what’s people’s thoughts on intelligence like what measures intelligence how can you be more smart stuff like that
  2. Millenial

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    I find looking at all kinds of numbers keeps me sharp. Numbers and Maths offer certainty, in a very complicated world.
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  3. Who in this world would you consider smart and why ?
  4. Ihojba

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    When you measure intelligence I think about being able to reflect on different angles at different situations
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  5. Millenial

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    This is a UK comedian called David Mitchell. I think he's smart because he's witty and that's rare. Also he's a really decent guy.
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  6. I would say the measure of intelligence is someone's ability to understand more and more complex patterns. (Try to name something that isn't a pattern...yeah, everything is a pattern)

    This is completely independent of knowledge. An AI with an IQ of 10k wouldn't know anything compared to an average college student unless fed information.
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  7. Isn't intelligence the ability to use knowledge in practice for a desired result?
  8. Intelligence is the courage and ability to learn.
  9. I agree with you I think everyone has a good reason but it makes sense that if you want to learn it makes you intelligent
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  10. Supermarron

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    I think the general idea of intelligence from academic stand point would be how fast and well you master one specific skill; learning new languages, physics and calculus etc. But those are hard intelligence, what’s more important to a person in my opinion is his fluid intelligence. Hard intelligences are used for things that takes time to learn while fluid intelligence comes naturally. These are probably usually labeled as IQ and EQ.
  11. I personally don’t believe speed has anything to do with intelligence I don’t think just because someone can do something faster means there smarter but it really depends on the situation
  12. Temujin

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    I think it's kinda dumb to try and measure.

    It doesn't really mean anything being smart.

    You can be intelligent and have zero impact upon the world. Or not that intelligent and have a huge impact
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    @Pedro Wastro and @Youi_123 , I really have a feeling I know you two ................... have you been on this forum before?
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    He's so great, i love him in 'Peep show' if you've seen that. I see him a lot on like Would i lie to you and QIXL. But yeah, even in the show he seems just pretty intelligent. I mean in comparison to jeremy he had an office job and Jeremy was just a failing musician of some sorts lol

    Yeahh, i mean it's pretty clear there's different regions of intelligence, i like to think it's just based on people's own area's of expertise. The school system isn't measured like that obviously, but the whole thing about life is just chasing your passions and doing what you enjoy. The intelligence to chase that dream and make it a reality, and hopefully on the way benefit others while making sure you're living a happy and fulfilling life.

    Gotta just shout out, Lemongrabs awesome
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    My Journal
    we are all intelligent in our own way ,we all depend on each others separate intelligence to keep the world going, but we must depend on ourselves to figure out what our style of learning is as not all of us learn the same way ,my way is flash cards and constant hands on work, math an English grammar frustrates me, you learn a certain something faster if your passionate about it
  16. I agree

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