Thoughts on the Iran Situation

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  1. Arcture

    Arcture Fapstronaut

    I guess I'll preface this by saying I'm an American so my views on this subject may be slightly more antagonistic or cold to Iran considering we're a lot closer to enemies than friends.

    I don't exactly have a problem with black operations be operating out of America specifically through CIA, clandestine groups in the military like Delta, OGAs or shell corporations that are specifically for the purposes of black operations. Despite the dirty and often wet-work related nature of this business it doesn't distress me on a emotional or moral level as its just business and is most often rooted in pragmatism.

    The problem is that black operations are by their nature black and are not supposed to be discussed in public something the president seems to not understand this is a good example of this lack of thinking.

    Killing the Iranian general doesn't really make a lot of sense to me. If the idea was that he was complicit in the deaths of Americans and this was retribution, killing him would make sense, maybe even be appropriate considering he would be a danger to US operations. If this was true then there were other manners of doing this that might have worked better, tasking an assassination team from in country assets or utilizing some sort of chemical approach come to mind immediately.

    The flashy approach however says that its personal and that is pretty dumb to be honest. An apparent power move and if that's true than this was a very bad idea as Iran is not a threat in the region to be taken lightly.

    If anyone has other ideas on the topic I'm open to having my mind changed or something similar.

    I know politics is kinda a sensitive subject so lets try to start no fights please.
  2. brilliantidiot

    brilliantidiot Fapstronaut

    I'm also American and I think its a good move. They should have gotten him a long time ago. He was responsible for a ton of stuff and would have been responsible for even more. It was definitely risky, but I think its a risk worth taking.
  3. Arcture

    Arcture Fapstronaut

    If the objective is revenge that makes sense. However we could do the same to half of the leaders of in the middle east and it would be appropriate by the same standards. The question I have is why That general? He's primarily approved of according to third party polling in his own country and while that means nothing to us, it means that we make more enemies by making this flashy and worse admitting to it. It would have been far easier to set a car bomb or something and then let people think Mossad did it.
  4. brilliantidiot

    brilliantidiot Fapstronaut

    Well I'm not an expert on this, but I don't think it was for revenge as much as trying to prevent him from making more attacks etc.
  5. KarmaWeaver

    KarmaWeaver Fapstronaut

    Iran situation can be explained by:

    - Weapon contracts (profit for americans)
    - Oil (profit for americans)
    - Pressure because Iran dropped the dollar (like you did with Syria, Iraq and Libya)
    - Israel (fear of a stable country on the middle-east that doesn't have america sitting on it's face)

    And you still fall for the tale that it has a reasonable justification. It's just more of the same, USA harassing other countries so it can profit. I'm from South America so I understand, we know how malicious your government is.
  6. SoaringEagle

    SoaringEagle Fapstronaut

    The world is a theater and things are not what they seem to be!
    A lot of what might look like enemies are in reality not, the only ones who pay the price are the foot soldiers and people who pay the taxes. A lot of conflicts are theater conflicts, managed conflicts or conflicts that are convenient for the "leaders" of those parties for the time being.
    You bet there are a lot of hidden agreements that the bosses do that you will never hear about.
    Check out the Iranian parliament building, notice any interesting design pattern?
    It's all about the Israelies, always has been

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