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    So i'm finally on day 60 and this thought has occurred to me.

    Isn't it funny how the smallest thing can have such an impact on our lives. When you think that going a few days without porn or fapping is a massive achievement? How much have these things taking over our lives. It's easier to forget about a family member than it is to forget about my obsessive need to play with myself or watch someone else have sex on a computer screen. It's more entertaining to waste my day watching different scenarios of one porn star then it is to feed my mind with my university degree.

    This battle, is one that should easily be won because of the significant and negative impact it has on my life. yet i still struggle.

    What has PMO taken away from you?
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    PMO is taking a lot away from me right now. It is interfering with my only my relationship but my job and household chores. Today is my Day 0 and first day on NoFap. I hope your battle keeps going and you don’t fall back into it. I can’t wait until I can even go just a day. Good luck on your adventure!
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