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Should i day count days

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  1. Ahanaf arik

    Ahanaf arik Fapstronaut

    Hi am ahanaf arik.i am 20 year male.i am addicted to porn 7 year.i have a problem.i read nofap stroy all time.i cannot concertante in nop without nofap site.i mean i complite 90 days chllange then i replase.after i want to go nofap without day count and nofap without 1 month.please help me.i have a question should count days or not
  2. randomname3

    randomname3 Fapstronaut

    I say yes but with some stipulations. Yes you should start by using the day counter, but it should be with a pre-established minimum number you must achieve on a certain date. Focusing on that future date helps a lot more than thinking about how big the number is. Choose say, 15 days if you're really bad, or else 30, then 90. I learned and grew a lot on my first 30, and way when I got to 90.
    But, at this point I find it better for me to simply know there's something objectively counting which I would have to reset if I were to relapse. I don't know how long I've gone and don't plan to.
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  3. Avenger 2.0

    Avenger 2.0 Fapstronaut

    I think why you relapse after 90 days is that you are clueless of what you're going to do after the 90 days. Till the time you aren't on 90 days you have a goal. After you reach 90 days you are aimless. Man please have a goal in your life if you want to grow. This is the most important thing. You aren't done with your life yet.

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