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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Deleted Account, Feb 14, 2021.

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  1. I have a huge crush on my teacher from high school. She is extremely sexy and has gorgeous feet. I finished high school years ago but all these years later I can’t stop thinking about her, I have photos of her feet in my collection and photos of guys I am friends with and their feet. I am very attracted to a fit blonde woman I follow on Instagram which I would never date but I am still sexually attracted to her. I have photos of her feet too. I am bisexual. And on my iPad I also have a collection of barefoot photos. The thing is if I delete photos of my teacher I will never be able to see her feet again, ever. Same as the other photos. When I PMO it’s always to feet because I have a foot fetish. In order to be turned on I need to see feet in natural situations like when a person is coincidentally barefoot. What would be the effect of deleting all of these photos? Another thing to note is I am only turned on by candid feet and feet in natural situations. So porn on regular porn sites doesn’t cut it for me. I want to get a girlfriend and enjoy her feet and fulfil all of my foot fetish fantasies and be truly satisfied but this dream keep on getting further and further away from me due to my addiction. When I PMO now I feel the dopamine in my brain but I don’t have the orgasm feeling anymore. What should I do?
  2. OttarrTheVendelCrow

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    My advice would be to start by deleting a couple of the photos at a time until you are able to erase the collection. It's okay to have a foot fetish, but if you are only getting off to pictures than that leaves you lonely and having an unfulfilled sex life. I would aim to ween yourself off of the need for candid photos and change your brain to being attracted to sexually intercourse involving foot play.
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  3. IGY

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    You have a huge reservoir of porn. What is more, you have taken photos of your high school teacher and even your male friends for you own sexual gratification! o_O That is very creepy behaviour. :eek:

    If you are serious about rebooting from your addiction, you have to delete ALL of this content. Otherwise, you will never break free from addiction. Doing it a few photos at a time is not going to cut it. If you want to recover, it is all or nothing.
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  4. HelperX

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    Hear me out, I'm someone who defeated this addiction and I have a clear mind whic is able to give powerful advices.

    Your addicted mind is leading you to PMO to those pictures. You need to battle your addicted mind. I did so and now I'm free to think clearly. Delete these photos ASAP and tell yourself that porn is bad and fucks up your mind.
  5. Holy crap this is so damn creepy.
  6. It's pretty sus shit, my guy.
    It's just a small battle against wills and temptation and you'll be a 3 buttons away from being free of all that shit.
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  7. No. All the photos and videos are from Facebook. The photos of my old teacher is from her public Facebook profile and everything else is from my friends’ photos because I am their Facebook friend.
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  8. IGY

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    OK, I understand.

    But you have stored these and you need to let them go. It is the difference between freedom and slavery.
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  9. I can delete them and I can go on another streak (I relapsed today :(). But I am actually really lonely. I have a stalker that’s following me on this site so I can’t mention anything private but. I haven’t had any sexual experiences before... ever. I’m a virgin. And deleting that collection would be the only porn I would have some attachment to. I know those people and I have a few crushes from high school which I never told I like them. All the porn on the Internet is so stale. I have been watching femdom eye contact JOI videos just to have some human contact that’s more personal than regular porn even though it’s just pixels on a screen. I want to quit PMO and get a girlfriend but it seems just so out of reach.
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  10. Why not delete this account and wait for a few days then make another account?
    Also, I recommend you actually delete that file as it is right now your go to for comfort aka fap tool so deleting its existence along with these people that have no connection to you (not sure) or any feelings towards you back then should pose no problem.
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  11. Report it to the mods. This is unacceptable.
  12. IGY

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    I understand you are lonely and a virgin, but these are still porn. These photos and videos of your friends etc, might not arouse others. But they arouse you and you edge and masturbate and cum to them. So, they are just as potent as others going to a porn site and using that. It is a hard thing to do, but you need to rid your life of porn so you can recover mate.
  13. Lecovesck

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    One week before this streak I was crazy 24/7 downloading vids. I got 24gb of selected P (shit, I saw all of those before download), all of my favs genres and maybe pics too.
    What did I do?
    I just moved my fingers more fast than my mind and deleted all. I felt some hardwork for nothing haha But man, this was like you letting a cancer go out.
  14. second chance at life

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    quite being a pus and delete it all dude. Time to man up.
  15. gertyfass123

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    Dude honestly just think how much power you hold right now in your hands against this addiction of yours, against what you decided to battle. I think now more than ever the expression "to nuke" these files is appropriate... just do what @Lecovesck did, let yourself be taken by a raptus of good will for yourself and shift+del that cancer. A swift movement and a tiny bit of courage for a huge step of freedom
  16. You should delete is as soon and as quickly as possible. Its painful, but from my experience the craving to save things will only lead to saving more things if not full pmo from the get go.
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  17. Just One More Day

    Just One More Day Fapstronaut

    That depends. Do you want to get better or do you want to continue down this destructive road?

    The answer is as clear as day.

    Delete them to further yourself on your road to recovery or keep them and continue your downward spiral.
    The choice is yours.
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  18. V∧DΞR

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    No offence but, I am really terrified about this addiction getting this far. When I see someone having 20GB of that crap downloaded and not ready to delete it, I am like WTF.

    If you don't let go of your past then you will never be efficient in the future. Leave this addiction my friend. It might be hard but just do it, overcome those feelings and Delete them.

    I have some quotes that might help you. Read them carefully and try to find out where they apply to you the most.

    Hope this helps you.
  19. SpoonDog

    SpoonDog Fapstronaut

    Deletion is an absolutely vital first step, using erasure software to make file recovery almost impossible.

    Remember that if you really want to move on from porn, you will never have any need to look at it again. It serves no purpose therefore there's no point in it hanging around.

    Nuke it and you won't regret it.
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  20. I deleted my first collection (I have two of them). 3000 photos gone. Poof. As I was deleting them I could see how empty it all was. 3000 photos just for the sake of trying to satisfy an insatiable, endless addiction. Well that addiction will be coming to an end finally.
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