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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Craig, Nov 10, 2014.

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    Hey everyone. I'm 21 and have gone three weeks so far without fapping. I've tried this a few times before but the longest I lasted was a week every time. I didn't start intentionally this time, I just happened to realise that I'd gone four days so decided to roll with it and so far it's going well. I've finally motivated myself to start going to the gym regularly again, which can only yield more benefits for me, as I hadn't done so in a year up till now.

    One thing that is concerning me is when I get an erection it feels weak and smaller than usual... after a bit of research I've discovered that this is known as flat lining I believe. Can anyone confirm for me that this is normal? And if so how long does it take for it to sort its self out? It's just that if I pull a girl it would be quite embarrassing to be limp down there!

    Also, when I do eventually have sex does anyone have any tips on how to last longer? I've never had premature ejaculation problems before but something tells me having sex after not fapping for three weaks will make it very prone to going off early.:p

    Thanks in advance guys and if anyone is reading this and thinking of taking up NoFap I'd really recommend it.
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    You really need to stop worrying about whether your wand will work or not. It will. This overworrying is your own brain sabotaging you to get you thinking about sex. Since you decided not to masturbate, perhaps not invading your mind with sex thoughts so much, now your brain chemistry has to get you thinking about sex somehow, so it's giving you all these worries, all these anxious thoughts that are still sex-themed.

    It will work, you'll perform better than ever in your life because your body-mind is more purified. You'll be a champ. Years will have passed after the day you had sex and she'll still remember you. Stop focusing on women and just stay focused on your goal.

    Remember, craving is addiction leaving your body.
    Bro Fist. Stay Strong.
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  3. evolve

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    Good to read that, been there too with the thoughts, so thanks!
  4. **John**

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    You cant really avoid this first fast shot.
    My tip would be performing it without penetration. Thanks to your abstince you will get ready for the next round very fast. Or better: for the next few rounds.

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